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Google Business Profile Report

Monitor Performance with Google Business Profile Report Template

Enhance your online presence, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. Swydo’s pre-built Google Business Profile report template provides insights into your business performance and customer interactions on the platform.

Gain valuable insights and actionable data to improve your business’s online presence and customer engagement. 

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Google Business Profile Report
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Monitor Your Google Business Profile Performance

Top 10 Search Terms
Unveil the ten most frequently used search queries that led visitors to find your business on Google. These terms reflect the keywords visitors used in their search queries before engaging with the business profile.

Top 10 New Reviews
Review the most recent reviews left by customers or visitors on your Google Business Profile. These reviews provide insight into the latest customer feedback and experiences.

Month Performance
Get a summary of your profile’s performance metrics over the past month and compare them to the previous month’s data. Key data points include total interactions, phone calls, website visits and more.


KPIs and Metrics Included in Our Google Business Profile Template

Total Interactions
Understand how visitors are interacting with your Google Business Profile. The total number of interactions includes clicks, calls, requests for directions, website visits, and bookings.

Phone Calls
Track the number of times users click to call your business from your profile. This will reveal how many potential customers directly contacted the business by phone.

Direction Requests
Determine the number of times users requested directions to your location from your Google Business Profile. It shows the volume of potential customers who intend to visit the business in person.

Website Visits
Examine how your Google Business Profile generates user interest and drives traffic to your website by tracking link clicks.

Analyze the number of user bookings, including appointments, reservations, or service requests, through your Google Business Profile.

Discover the average star rating given by customers in their reviews on your Google Business Profile to understand overall customer satisfaction.

Total Review Count
Track the total number of reviews received through your Google Business Profile. It indicates the volume of customer feedback and engagement.


Customize Your Google Business Report

Leverage a variety of filters to show more specific data points to quickly identify issues and take swift action.

Automate and share your dashboards and reports on a schedule that best meets your needs

Reflect your brand by incorporating your logo and brand colors into your reports. You can also use your domain to share and send your reports.

Set and track goals to gain insight into performance, trends and progress toward your goals.

Custom Metric
Combine two metrics from the same data source to calculate an entirely new custom metric.

Multi-language reports
Create reports for your clients in 14 available languages through our automatic and editable translation feature.

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