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8 Powerful Ways A Marketing Dashboard Helps Your Business Grow

26 July 2019

Technology is truly revolutionizing the marketing industry. The past few years have seen a huge rise of information technology. For marketers and managers, marketing dashboards are one of the most useful analytics and data tools. Having the ability to effectively visualize real-time metrics and data will revolutionize how your business operates, benefiting both your own and client campaigns.

Many business owners think that their operation is too small to use these types of tools, or that it won’t benefit their workflow. In fact, marketing dashboards are an incredibly powerful way to manage information for any marketing strategy, and can help any small or large business increase ROI on their marketing spend.

The Basics Of Marketing Dashboards

A dashboard compiles all of the important information for for instance a campaign in one slick package. Tools like Swydo’s platform let you customize your KPIs, visuals, and data to give you complete control over how stakeholders and clients consume vital KPIs and metrics. 

They help businesses of any size to keep track of for instance their marketing spend. They’re a powerful tool for helping managers and marketers unify the moving parts of a campaign. This, in turn, leads to a number of cost and time saving benefits for your marketing strategy.

How Marketing Dashboards Help Grow Your Business

Marketing dashboards are more than just a convenient way to compile and visualize information. They’re an indispensable tool for collaboration, increasing ROI, picking out trends in your campaign, and much more. Whether you’re running a marketing campaign for your own business or a client, using a dashboard simplifies the data gathering process.

1. Access All Vital Information In One Place

When you’re running a full-scale digital marketing campaign, you need to be constantly monitoring information. You may need to compile data from dozens of sources, and hopping between each application can be tedious and time consuming. Marketing dashboards like Swydo’s are the go-to solution for marketers who need a birds eye view.

Being able to see data from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Mailchimp, your conversion funnel, and every other source at once is indispensable. Whether you’re running an in-house marketing department or a digital marketing firm, having a marketing dashboard is the best way to access important information about your campaign.

2. Visualize Your Campaign

Few people prefer seeing raw numbers over elegant, colorful graphs and charts. Marketing dashboards come with powerful visualizations that make parsing through campaign data easier than ever. You can customize the way they look to make sure that understanding your data is as simple as possible. This allows marketers to make better informed decisions faster, helping with any campaign effort.

3. Clearly Communicate With Your Team

Marketing dashboards don’t require technical training to get key information. This means that you can effectively communicate with your marketing team as you plan your marketing strategy. Gone are the days where you have to sift through charts and handouts to update your staff. With dashboards, everyone can get caught up to the most recent reports immediately.

Team collaboration is vital for any successful marketing project. The refined and customizable visuals and metrics from a dashboard will streamline the entire communication process. Rather than chasing down emails, a quick glance at a dashboard will give any team the info they need.

4. Make More Informed Decisions

Information is key in any campaign, and dashboards help streamline your data. You can easily see how your KPIs compare to each other, where you need to focus your efforts, and what you’re doing well. This is one of the fundamental ways that you can increase ROI for your campaign.

By having access to all of the necessary data in one convenient place, you don’t run the risk of overlooking or misunderstanding your data. Swydo’s marketing dashboard plugs in to numerous data sources, ensuring that you’re updated constantly about all of your campaign’s key metrics.

5. Scale Your Marketing Efforts

One of the most important factors in any tool is scalability. Keeping track of an Instagram account’s growth is one thing, but it’s entirely different to manage a multi-faceted campaign for a large company. Marketing dashboards make it easy to scale up your campaign as a business grows. For manual compilation, more data means more work, but for a marketing dashboard, automation handles the increase.

If you’re working with clients of different sizes, or you’re part of a company that’s rapidly growing, you need to run a campaign that fits any business size. A dashboard will let you keep adding on new metrics, KPIs and data sources, helping you stay informed and on top of your data, no matter how big your campaign gets.

6. Customize Your Dashboard

Data visualization is nothing new, but being able to customize your data is a powerful tool. Whether you’re tracking your conversion funnels, focusing on a PPC campaign, or trying to boost your social media presence, an interactive dashboard will let you customize your information to make sure you can focus on the metrics and KPIs you need.

When you rely on a pre-built platform, or on each tool’s analytics, you may be getting a lot of extra information you don’t need. If you’re working with a client’s e-commerce site, social media won’t be nearly as important as the conversion path. Or if you’re running a social media campaign, you won’t need data about email marketing. Dashboards like Swydo’s give you the tools to make sure that you see what you need to see.

7. Save Time On Data Compilation

If you don’t have a unified solution for getting data on KPIs, you’ll spend hours sifting through different charts and graphs. With a marketing dashboard, you get all of the important information you need at once. This means you can have more time to analyze and optimize your strategy and spend less time tracking down the data, leading to a boost in productivity.

It used to be that marketing teams had a staff member dedicated to entering in each metric into a spreadsheet to create graphs and charts. Now, dashboards automate the process, giving you instant, real-time feedback. Swydo’s platform has multiple connecters, and are adding more. This means that you’ll get the latest information on your campaign with almost no effort.

8. Access Data From Anywhere

In this world of high-speed, on-demand content, marketers need to be able to make quick decisions any time, anywhere. Marketing dashboard often give you mobile access, either through an app or a browser. This means that you can always stay on top of your campaign, even for remote workers. Everyone will have instant access to the same data.

Waiting until the next day, or even just an hour, to make a key decision can be incredibly costly. By having access to your dashboard from anywhere, you can cut costs and maximize marketing spend by making important decisions anytime. It’s just a requirement to stay competitive in today’s always-on marketing landscape.

Increasing ROI With Dashboards

All of these benefits lead to an increase in ROI. Marketing dashboards allow you to make smarter, more informed decisions more quickly. They make any marketing team more effective, and help cut any down time that comes from compiling data and creating reports. Managers, digital agencies, and marketing firms need the most recent data, and dashboards give you those KPIs and metrics.

Just like any technology, marketing dashboards are becoming better, more accurate, and faster. Customizing your data feed helps cut out the noise, letting you focus on what you need. Elegant visualization tools let you make better decisions and pick out important trends in your campaign. All of these benefits result in more money generated for every dollar of marketing spend.

The Importance Of Visualizing Your KPIs

The digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting, and data is becoming more and more critical. We have access to a huge amount of data that can be overwhelming to decipher alone. Marketing dashboards help make sense of this data, which allows for businesses to make more informed decisions.

Platforms like Swydo allow businesses to rely more on facts and statistics and less on gut instinct. As information technology becomes more powerful and more accessible, data will be an indispensable tool. Marketing dashboards are the best way to visualize KPIs and other important metrics, resulting in a more effective execution and a better optimized marketing strategy to increase business success.