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Actionable Online Marketing KPI’s

16 April 2012

Who want’s to go throught Adwords CSV files, Analytics reports and Webmaster tools overviews searching for the Big pains or gains in your online campaigns? We don’t. We rather focus on those metrics that matter. Digging deeper can be necessary of course, but for tasks and actionable information we want to focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
Swydo is excellenty suitable for drawing actionable information from Google Adwords, Analytics and Webmaster tools. The Key Performance Indicators are targeted at high level metrics like Turnover, Goals, Ad Spend etc.

Throught the connection with your Adwords, Analytics or Webmaster tools account you can update the KPI’s real time.

Setup is very easy. First go to a client workspace (choose a client), select the online marketing tab. Then grant permission for Swydo to access, if you didn’t do this already, to Google Adwords, Analytics  and Webmaster tools. Note that Swydo does not store any of your data. Since you are logged in with your Google Account and the data is retrieved real time , only you can see the data. Others can only see the data in Swydo, when they have access to your Swydo AND they have access to the analysed Adwords, Analytics or Webmaster tools via their own Google Account.

Once you granted Swydo access to the services, you need to tell Swydo which Adwords, Analytics and Webmaster tools accounts correspond with which website.

set up a website

Now all data data is retrieved and you can setup the KPI’s. Just click on the top metrics and a drop down configuration menu is presented, where you can define if the metric must turn green or red above/ or beneath a certain value.

kpi's online marketing

Now you have your online marketing KPI dashboard. Your high level actionable information. Focus on things that matter and turn them into tasks for your projects and subscription based services. Try it out in your Swydo en let us know what you think.