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Track your Klaviyo email and SMS KPIs with automated reports

By Aarti Bhanushali
28 November 2022

We have expanded our email marketing integrations with Klaviyo! Now, you can track your Klaviyo email, and eCommerce marketing KPIs in Swydo alongside your most important marketing data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and 30+ data sources we integrate with. 

Bring your Klaviyo KPIs into one automated report

Time to bolster your eCommerce data and create multi-channel magic. With Klaviyo you can bring together SMS, email, and eCommerce website conversion metrics under one roof.

With Swydo’s Klaviyo integration, you can now make custom dashboards and reports to track the performance of your email, SMS and eCommerce marketing campaigns. Get a holistic picture of your email open and click rates, subscriber growth, and email performance, and combine all that wealth of information with other marketing data to help you analyse and optimize campaign results. Because when all your marketing data comes together, you win! 

Tracking Klaviyo metrics in Swydo 

Swydo’s Klaviyo integration empowers you to report on email and SMS campaigns. But even more importantly, you can also track any eCommerce website data that is connected to your Klaviyo account.

Email Campaign Performance
Drill down on your email campaign performance with data like Open Rate, Total Clicks, Bounced Rate and more…

SMS Campaign Performance
Track your SMS performance with metrics like Total Clicked SMS, Unique Clicked SMS, Unsubscribed Rate, and more… 

Delivery Issues
Nip those technical issues in the bud by tracking Failed to Deliver SMS rates, Successful Deliveries, and more…

Total eCommerce conversions
Get an overview of your sales performance. Track Fulfilled Order Rate, Placed Order Rate, Avg. Placed Order Value, and more… 

✅ Find the whole list of Klaviyo metrics available in Swydo here!

How to set up a Klaviyo report in Swydo?

Wondering how to visualize your Klaviyo metrics with Swydo? We have a pre-built template to get you moving. Check out the steps below 👇

Klaviyo- Automated Report-Example

Step 1: Create your Swydo Account 
New to Swydo? Sign up for your free trial account. You can find the Klaviyo template in our template gallery.

Step 2: Connect your Klaviyo data source 
Connect your Klaviyo integration to your Swydo account. From there on, follow the steps to set up your Klaviyo data source. 

Step 3: Select the pre-built Klaviyo template 
Once you’re connected, you can select the pre-built Klaviyo template from our template gallery and your report will populate automatically. Or you can create your own report and dashboard from scratch with our widgets or build custom metrics to suit your needs.

Step 4: Make it your own 
Make your Klaviyo report your own! Add your own brand colors and logos and strengthen your brand visibility. Swydo’s customization features allow you to tailor your report the way you want – give it your brand’s signature look with brand templates and white-label features. 

Step 5: Let the world know! 
Forgot to attach that PDF, again? Put reports on automatic scheduling and forget about PDFs, for real. What’s more? You can share your reports as online dashboards using your own custom url and flaunt your brand. Of course, there is also always an option to share them as PDFs too.

Once you’ve connected your Klaviyo account to Swydo, you can include your ad campaign and audience metrics with data from 30+ other marketing channels. Yes! Check out the full list of integrations here! 

Get in touch

Setting up your Klaviyo integration is easy. However, if you prefer having some extra hands, our experts are here. Schedule a walkthrough and we will answer all your questions. Prefer doing it on your own? Visit our help center, check out the video tutorials, contact us through our live chat, or email

Make your Klaviyo report today!