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Provide Better Insights And Improve Decision Making With Custom Metrics

15 October 2021

If you regularly generate marketing reports and dashboards for clients and/or stakeholders, you’ve probably run into situations in which a data source’s default metrics don’t allow you to effectively tell the story you need to communicate. Providing your client with the number of visitors from a campaign is important, but Return on Ad Spend, for instance, is the metric that’s more compelling and helpful in decision making.  

Leveraging Custom Metrics

Swydo’s new Custom Metrics feature allows you to create a new metric by creating a calculation with a source’s default metrics. Add, subtract, divide or multiply a metric by another metric or a fixed number to provide clients with the important KPIs they need to make better decisions. 

Once you set up a Custom Metric, that calculation will automatically be included any time you run that report. It’s also possible to leverage Custom Metrics for different clients/reports by using report templates to apply the same calculation in multiple reports simultaneously.

Check out the video below to learn more!

Custom Metrics Feature Capabilities

There are countless ways to leverage the Custom Metrics feature, but here’s a list to get you thinking: 

  1. Apply calculations to a metric. Apply a mark-up fee to an ad spend metric, or apply a margin.
  2. Combine multiple metrics in a formula to create a new single metric. Divide campaign cost by leads generated for a new cost per lead metric.
  3. Customize the name of how the metric is displayed in visualizations. Shorten display names like Return On Ad Spend to just ROAS, or translate the name into a language we don’t yet support.
  4. Change the currency for the metric. Customize the currency for different reporting target audiences, while keeping the currencies standardized in the platform the campaigns are running.
  5. Change the way a metric is presented as a positive or negative when comparing data over time. In some instances you want to drive more call conversions (a company that sells by phone) while in other instances you want to lower call conversions (a company that only offers support by phone).

Please note that at this time, you can not combine metrics from more than one data source to create a Custom Metric, or use a Custom Metric in another calculation.

Next Steps

Check out the helpful video above to start using Custom Metrics today! You can also use the help center for additional instructions.