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Swydo Joins LinkedIn’s Certified Marketing Partner Group

By Team Swydo
27 March 2024

We are pleased to announce that Swydo has joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program.

LinkedIn launched this partner community back in 2014 as a way to provide marketers additional support and value while leveraging the world’s largest professional network. By having full access to LinkedIn marketing APIs, approved certified partners like Swydo are able to build enhanced service offerings beyond the platform’s regular business tools.

As a Reporting & ROI partner, Swydo’s integration with LinkedIn Ads and LinkedIn Pages allows you to seamlessly connect, automate and visualize your marketing data – making it easy to create, customize and share comprehensive reports and dashboards in just minutes.

Use Swydo to set goals, monitor performance and extract data-driven insights to improve campaign results and growth. 

“Swydo’s mission is to simplify reporting, enabling marketers to become more efficient and effective by giving them tools and insights to better communicate, have a greater impact and grow their business,” commented Swydo CEO Jeroen Maljers. “As a new LinkedIn Reporting & ROI Partner, we are excited about the opportunities this unlocks for our users to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.”

Key Benefits of Swydo’s Integration with LinkedIn:

  • Comprehensive reporting: Effortlessly incorporate over 200 LinkedIn metrics into comprehensive marketing reports, providing a combined view of campaign performance across various channels.
  • Enhanced audience targeting: Leverage LinkedIn’s ad options to reach the right audience, set goals and easily visualize performance results within Swydo.
  • Monitor brand engagement: Access valuable LinkedIn Pages data to understand audience behavior and engagement, enhancing the ability to refine and optimize organic marketing strategies.
  • Custom metrics and filters: Dig into campaign data with custom metrics and enhanced filter capabilities for specific insights to improve ROI.
  • Agile decision-making: Easily monitor and identify challenges and opportunities quickly, providing actionable insights into marketing optimizations based on the latest LinkedIn data.
  • Time-saving templates: Simplify reporting with pre-built LinkedIn templates that can be customized to meet client/stakeholder needs.
  • Automated reporting: Automatically create, generate and share marketing reports.
  •  LinkedIn Business Manager integration: Streamline your LinkedIn marketing experience by consolidating your organization’s various Ad Accounts, Pages, and individuals into one unified platform. Launching in April 2024!

“Swydo’s reporting tool has helped us in creating insightful reports for our clients for years now. As a full-service agency, the integration with LinkedIn helps us make one report with a full picture of performance across channels for our clients and easily evaluate results to steer towards our clients’ goals.” Stef Oosterik, Quality Manager, Team Nijhuis

“Swydo’s LinkedIn Integration is a game-changer for our social media reporting.The in-depth metrics and comprehensive filters it offers have transformed how we approach our LinkedIn marketing efforts for both our D2C and B2B clients.” Jordan Glickman, Founder and CEO, Impremis Marketing

Learn more on how Impremis Marketing has benefited from Swydo’s LinkedIn integrations.

At Swydo we strive to provide cutting-edge solutions to help online marketers at digital agencies and brands achieve measurable marketing success, and joining LinkedIn’s certified partner program is a key milestone for that mission. 

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