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Unlocking the Power of B2B Marketing: Key Insights from B2Believe Event in New York

By Adriana Luxwolda
10 April 2024

Last week, New York’s lively streets turned into the hub of B2B marketing innovation when industry experts gathered at LinkedIn's eagerly awaited B2Believe event. Swydo, as a member of LinkedIn’s Marketing Partner Program, was honored to participate. The event revealed new advertising solutions and explored the changing digital marketing scene, offering a wealth of knowledge and tactics for digital marketers aiming to remain at the forefront of the fast-paced B2B marketing sector.

Here are the top takeaways that promise to supercharge your B2B marketing efforts:

1. The 95-5 Rule: Given that a significant 95% of potential buyers are not ready to make an immediate purchase, it’s important to ensure your brand is prominent across multiple platforms. By offering compelling content and experiences, you position your brand as the top choice in the minds of buyers when they’re prepared to make a decision. Regularly engaging with your audience through various channels, including videos and events, is key to keeping your brand at the forefront of buyers' minds. Especially since only a small fraction (5%) of buyers are actively looking to buy at any given moment.

2. Buyer Group-First Targeting: Transition your attention from single customers to groups of buyers. By comprehensively analyzing the preferences and actions of distinct buyer segments, you can customize your marketing strategies for optimal effectiveness and connection.

3. Creativity is King: By developing messages that connect on a personal level, you can effectively engage your audience and foster significant interaction.

4. Harnessing the Power of Emotions: Underestimating the impact of emotions in marketing is a mistake. Leveraging feelings such as humor, nostalgia, or positivity can greatly enhance both performance and engagement with your audience. Content that makes us laugh, for example, has a 65% higher engagement rate.

5. Adapting to Change: The landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing, influenced by privacy laws and shifts in consumer habits, which are transforming business practices. To remain competitive, it’s crucial to update your approaches to attribution and targeting to align with these developments.

6. The Importance of Measurement: In B2B marketing, accurately tracking the customer journey across various channels is crucial for success. This approach enables you to gather important data on your audience's actions and preferences.

7. Marketing as a Driver of Growth: Elevate marketing to a strategic role in driving your organization's growth. Utilize branding, storytelling, and artificial intelligence to boost your capabilities and achieve measurable outcomes for your company.

8. Leveraging Multiple Ad Formats: Broadening the range of your advertising approaches can capture your audience's interest and increase their involvement. Brands that employ diverse advertisement formats have observed significant enhancements in how long viewers pay attention and in overall engagement metrics. It’s crucial to capture attention, and employing a variety of advertisement styles has proven to elevate engagement levels consistently. Brands that incorporate three or more types of advertisements are witnessing a remarkable 23% rise in average engagement time.

9. Reaching New Audiences with LinkedIn: Effective marketing hinges on reaching the right audience. With 94% of Fortune 100 companies trusting LinkedIn to connect them with key decision-makers among its 1 billion members, LinkedIn continuously innovates to engage buyers. From trendy Thought Leader Ads to the latest formats announced during B2Believe in New York, such as LinkedIn CTV Ads, LinkedIn Premiere in partnership with NBCUniversal, and Live Event Ads, the platform expands its reach both on and off LinkedIn. Here are some formats you can leverage:

Thought Leader Ads

LinkedIn’s Thought Leader Ads, launched in early 2023, enable marketers to boost or sponsor posts from their company's employees, positioning them as industry thought leaders. These ads showcase authentic perspectives from executives or experts, aiming to build credibility, trust, and engagement, thereby enhancing brand visibility and influence.

LinkedIn CTV

LinkedIn CTV is an extension of the triumph seen with In-stream Video Ads, which have significantly increased customers’ in-stream video completion rates. This new feature is tailored to place your creative content in front of the LinkedIn audience within premium streaming television content accessible on connected sets.

LinkedIn Premiere

For the US market, LinkedIn has partnered up with NBCUniversal to introduce LinkedIn Premiere, a fresh addition to Campaign Manager. This managed service enables precise targeting of decision-makers in the United States within NBCUniversal's top-tier streaming content on CTV.

LinkedIn Live Event Ads

Ads for live events are designed to increase event sign-ups, improve brand recognition, and ensure tangible results from investments in events. With a 34% increase in professionals participating in LinkedIn events over the last year, Live Event Ads present an effective worldwide platform to advertise events not only before they take place but also during and after the event. This approach is tailored to the timing of the event, optimizing brand exposure and interaction with prospective customers.

To explore detailed insights and key takeaways from B2Believe, visit the official event summary here.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your B2B marketing efforts or leveraging these new solutions from LinkedIn, feel free to reach out to us at Swydo. We’re here to help you succeed.