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Swydo, Tips & tricks

Searching in Swydo

15 April 2013

Normal search

You can type in anything and see if Swydo can find it:

Filter by user, project, etc.

This will look for users with “Jeroen” in their name.

You can also look for other things like:

  • :client, :c
  • :project, :p
  • :report, :r
  • :user, :u
  • :contact

For example, you want to find all Adwords reports:

Or all Facebook projects:

Or combine things. Look for reports and projects with “Analytics” in the name:

Find only your own things

Sometimes you’re not interested in other people’s stuff. To find only your own things, type “my ” at the start:

This will look for projects assigned to you or created by you.

Another example:

User shortcut

To quickly find a user you can use this shortcut: