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Swydo Launches Enhanced Versions Of AdWords And Facebook Ads Integrations

19 January 2018

With the goal of always improving reporting capabilities for our customers, Swydo is excited to announce the latest platform improvements leveraging our SDK. Now available to all Swydo users – enhanced AdWords and Facebook ads integrations.

What does that mean exactly? You now have the ability to improve your campaign data reporting through new visualization options, provide more in-depth data points, compare more than one metric in charts, create custom widgets and more.

Incorporate A Second Metric Into Your Charts

You can now combine two metrics in a single chart, improving your ability to compare/contrast data, identify trends and communicate results to your clients.

For instance, compare clicks and conversions by gender:

adwords clicks and conversion

Or compare clicks and CPC over a defined time period:


Dive Deep Into Your Data With Secondary Dimensions

This new capability enables you to breakdown data by specific secondary dimensions for greater detail. For example, you can now view monthly click performance by device, conversion rate by day of the week, budget performance by campaign and more. This provides you with invaluable information and deeper insights about what’s working and what needs to be addressed in your clients’ campaigns.


Adwords- clicks

Present Your Data Via Pie Charts

We’ve added the option to display your data through pie charts, providing you an easy to understand visual for your customers, such as conversions by device.

adwords-conversions by device

Filter on Goals

Using filters, you can create specialized Views for particular segments of your clients’ data. You’ll be able to customize how the data is presented by specific goals you select, in addition to any other goals previously set up in that view. By giving you greater flexibility in how you filter data, you can more effectively tell a data story for what truly matters for your clients’ success.

Create Custom Widgets

You will now be able to create custom widgets from scratch for AdWords and Facebook ad reporting in addition to the default widgets currently available. Leverage our widget builder to fully customize your reports and communicate data to show your results and impact on your clients’ campaigns.


Save and Copy Custom Widgets

And now there’s no need to create the same widgets over and over! Simply make a copy of the widget and adjust what’s needed. You can also save and reuse a widget, saving you more time for analyzing and optimizing your efforts.

Next Enhancement To Reporting Capabilities – Bing Ads

Just launched this week – enhanced reporting for Bing ads. Want to be a part of our beta testers program and get early access to new feature. Just email us!

We Want Your Feedback

We think your team will find these enhancements very useful and help you improve the value of your reporting. We want your feedback so please let us know if you encounter any issues or have general comments!

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