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Swydo Selected As Finalist For 2020 European Search Awards

5 May 2020

The finalists for this year’s European Search Awards have been announced, and team Swydo is honored to have made the “shortlist” for the Best Search Software Tool category. We congratulate all of the finalists and wish them luck. 

Celebrating the best in PPC, SEO, and content marketing, the European Search Awards attracts hundreds of entries from leading digital agencies, professionals, and software providers. Participating companies can hail from any country or region, but must deliver campaigns or service European-based customers. The finalists were selected by a panel of 65+ industry experts from around the world.  

Swydo is focused on providing customers with increased flexibility in their reporting capabilities while bringing together more of the tools and data sources they rely on into Swydo’s ecosystem. We believe this will help our customers tell a better story, improve communication and decision making. Here are some of the innovations and improvements we’ve introduced in recent months which helped to secure our finalist spot for the 2020 awards:

  • Google Sheets. Incorporate any third-party data in a CSV file into Swydo reports and dashboards. 
  • Custom integrations. Create your own integration to add data from SEO tools, CRM, marketing automation platforms, and more.
  • Custom domain. Use your own website domain for sharing dashboards, reports and emails sent via Swydo. 
  • Advanced filtering functionality. Refine results and have more flexibility to dictate how filters are applied, allowing for better control over the data presented.
  • Custom metrics. Combine two metrics from the same data source to calculate an entirely new metric. 
  • Heatmap and treemap visualization options. Heatmaps make it easy to visualize the most popular (hot) and less popular (cold) values in a data set. Treemaps help visualize how segments in data compare to each other.

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