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Google Sheets Reporting

Turn your Google Sheets and CSV files into reports and dashboards in just minutes

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Google Sheets Reporting
How it works
1. Select template

Choose one of our predefined templates or create your own

2. Connect

Connect your data sources

3. Customize

Customize your data to meet your client's needs

4. Share

Schedule and share a dashboard or PDF report with your team or clients

Google Sheets Report Template Build reports and dashboards with any sheets or CSV data file you have

Google Sheets Report Template

Build reports and dashboards with any sheets or CSV data file you have

Turn your Google spreadsheets and CVS files into interactive marketing dashboards and reports with Swydo’s Google Sheets integration for comprehensive, all-in-one reporting.

The Google Sheets integration gives you the flexibility to report on any third party data along with existing Swydo data connections such as Facebook, Google Ads and more. Just upload your csv files to a Google spreadsheet, connect your account via the Google Sheets integration, and start using Swydo as your all-in-one comprehensive data reporting solution for reports and dashboards.

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Goal Setting

Efficiently Track KPIs And Goals

Swydo’s Google Sheets and CSV reporting tool enables you to build custom KPIs and widgets from scratch so you can track and collaborate on goals to create alignment and accountability.

You’ll have full control over the information presented in your reports and dashboards, as well as who has access to what information. Successfully track performance against targets, give actionable insights to help with decision making and help your clients set and reach their short and long term goals.

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Goal Setting


Build trust and align with your brand

Control the consistency, look and feel of all your client communication with branded Sheets and CSV templates by incorporating your logo, colors and fonts of your brand into your Swydo reports.

Our custom domain feature enables you to publish your dashboards and reports on your own domain, as well as using your own email address for sharing reports, which drives brand recognition, trust and deliverability.

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Why choose Swydo

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Bring all your PPC, SEO, social media and Google Analytics data together quickly and easily with hundreds of time-saving templates, predefined widgets, and KPIs.


Swydo enables you to build reports which reflect your brand by incorporating your logo, text styles, colors and personalized cover pages.

Multi language reports
Multi language reports

Translate reports and communicate with your clients in their native language with 14 languages available.

Automated Reporting

Once you’ve created a report, you can schedule and send that report automatically as frequently as needed - monthly, weekly, daily - whatever your clients need.


Customize reports to suit your clients’ needs. Build report templates and widgets from scratch. Provide executive summaries to help better understand the data.


Share your reports via PDF or use our online HTML report option – whatever suits your clients or team best.

Connect with your favorite data sources

Easily connect and integrate data in a single report

Client testimonials We serve over 2,000 large and small agencies. Discover why our clients choose Swydo
John Thornton / Black Propeller

While there are many reporting solutions available today, few check all the boxes for digital marketers the way Swydo does.

customer 1

John Thornton Black Propeller, USA

Barry Abraham / Brickwaymarketing, USA

I am very, very happy with Swydo. I don't know what I would do without it.

customer 2

Barry Abraham

Grant Hensel / Nonprofit Megaphone (USA)

I love that Swydo’s report automation takes a time-consuming and error prone process out of my staff’s hands. Our reports look professional, provide correct information, and are customized with terminology our client base understands. All with just a push of a button.

customer 3

Grant Hensel

Create your Google Sheets or CSV report in minutes

Free for 14 days, no credit card required, cancel at any time

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