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Introducing Swydo’s Brand Refresh

We are having an exciting week at Swydo – we refreshed our brand and are thrilled for you to see it. For 2022, our aim was to redefine our brand values and focus on building a smart, simple, and reliable reporting and monitoring tool. 

That’s why, when we undertook the first brand refresh in Swydo’s eleven-year history, we wanted to capture the simplicity and ease of use the platform provides our customers. Gradually, across Product + UX, Sales, Support, and Marketing, it’s our endeavor to bring to our customers a simple yet powerful report automation and monitoring platform that makes their jobs easier. We strive to deliver data-driven insights, have open and honest communication with our users, and ensure that the overall experience of using our platform brings joy to the process of reporting.

Today, we are bringing a renewed sense of energy and purpose to not only our mission for the product but also our colors, typeface, logo, and other product elements.

Why a brand refresh?

Since 2011, Swydo has been on a mission to empower marketers to communicate meaningful insights. By helping them build smart, easy-to-decipher, quick-to-make marketing reports and dashboards from one centralized marketing hub. Swydo helps marketers save valuable time that can be spent on optimization, customer retention, and business growth. 

About a year ago, we realized that we weren’t fully conveying who we are or what we stand for clearly. We are growing and so it became more important to redefine our brand values to create a sense of alignment across our teams. So after thorough research and multiple company-wide discussions, when we asked ourselves and our customers – Who are we? What do we really stand for? We came up with three brand attributes that suit our personality and how we work together.

Swydo brand values

Smart – Knowledgeable and playful 

Our decisions are data-driven and through user research, we are constantly improving our platform to make them more efficient. We understand that marketers are busy folks and need to work smarter instead of harder and spend less time creating reports and dashboards. 

Swydo brand values

Simple – Easy to use

We want to help marketers save their precious time to do things they genuinely care about. Therefore, we aim to focus on user flows through the product to ensure that each task is completed simply and efficiently.

Swydo Brand Values

Reliable – Trustworthy and accurate

At Swydo, we believe in keeping our promises and being accountable to our customers. We are therefore always honest with managing the expectations of our customers and strive to deliver accurate results.

Our logo got a visual uplift

We love our logo and did you know that the acronym Swydo stands for Show What You Do Online? The four colors symbolize the vibrancy and diversity of our company and our job. The very essence of Communication. 

The only element we were missing was showcasing our personality. We think and we often get to hear from our users that we are friendly, helpful, and fun people who love building a smart product. Our new logo stays true to the original thought and is yet vibrant and fresh. With rounded edges, improved lighter colors, and better spacing – we believe we have stayed true to the essence of who we are and how we enjoy working together.

Swydo Brand Refresh Updated Logo

Our color palette

We decided that we wanted Swydo to be accentuated with how we felt while building the product – reflect that versatility and vibrancy in our refreshed color palette. We were born in the Netherlands and we wanted to stay true to our colorful Dutch roots. We call our new color palette Tulip (no prizes for guessing why) and it symbolizes who we are.

Swydo Brand Refresh Color Palette

Our typeface

Our new brand typeface is Epilogue. It is fun, simple, and yet quirky in its own way. It coordinates well with what we want to convey and is truly Swydo.

Swydo Brand Refresh Typeface

In other words, the refreshed Swydo may be a lot more smart and colorful than the old one – which you will also see in our product, the reporting templates we provide, our website, and communications in the coming year. 

And for those of you still wondering how it is pronounced, it’s Swaai-doo and not Sweei-do. 😉

Happy Reporting, 

Team Swydo

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Glacial Multimedia chooses Swydo

We got a good review from Glacial Multimedia on Swydo. Obivously we’re very happy with this and want to share it with the world.

Swydo Review

I work for a company that specializes in online marketing for medical practices. I personally manage Google AdWords and Microsoft Ad Center accounts about 60 clients – a quickly growing list, as our clients start to see the value in SEM.

As you can imagine, I used to dread the first of the month. It meant manually composing keyword reports from Google and Bing, placing them in separate Excel documents and sending out them individually with a brief monthly breakdown. This took hours of my time and alongside my daily tasks, would take me several days to fully complete.

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With Swydo in 5 steps to the 5 minutes AdWords report review of Swydo

Original article in German

Written by Nick Zwar on the 22nd of October 2014

rankingcheck-swydo-report1Most SEA account managers spend quite a lot of time and effort each month on making a monthly reporting for their clients. Depending on the agreed KPI’s and data sources, this can take a lot of time. Especially when the procedure hasn’t been partly automated.
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Well, that was fun, our first Google Hangout

Yesterday we gave our first Google Hangout on how to use Swydo. A 30 minute monologue by myself, talking to a screen and seeing in the Google Hangout screen that a group of people are watching me at that moment.
Unlike Google with their smooth Hangouts, production team, professional equipment and lots of experience, we did the Hangout out of my study at home on a Macbook (camera and microphone). So, sorry for the Dutch version of English, for too fast talking (enthusiastic, I know) and for the remarks about the Dutch team in the 2014 WorldCup Semi Finals. (We lost from Argentina, I know… 🙁 🙁 ).

Please comment on this video below with questions about Swydo, items you want covered in more detail and any other things you want to ask about Swydo.

Thanks for watching,

Bert Catsburg

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When are Scheduled Swydo Reports running

In Swydo you schedule the Online Marketing Reports to be send automatically to your customers. Easy Reporting for Online Marketing Agencies, that’s what we do at Swydo.

Some of our customers are asking when exactly these reports are send out. Well, below is the agenda for the year 2014. Lees verder

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