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39% Of Digital Agencies & Freelancers Find Proving Value To Clients Difficult: Results from The State Of PPC, Global Report 2022

By Team Swydo
10 May 2022

First-of-its-kind survey explores how PPC specialists and their managers feel about their work, ad platforms, priorities, pricing, technology and more.

Hilversum, The Netherlands – May 5, 2022. Swydo, a global leader for automated custom digital marketing reports, dashboards and data visualizations, today announced the release of The State of PPC, Global Report 2022

In Q4 2021, Swydo along with solution providers God Tier, PPC Protect, Producthero and TrueClicks launched a PPC Survey initiative to better understand the unique challenges PPC specialists face.

Here’s an overview of the survey results including a look at who participated, the daily operational challenges they face, the client reporting issues they must tackle, and more.

Some of the key findings:

  • Reporting was named a top activity that takes too much time and participants wish to automate.
  • 39% of agencies and freelancers find it difficult to demonstrate added value to their clients.
  • Working with ad platforms, poor campaign performance and tracking/data issues cause most frustration.

Industry Experts Initial Reviews

“This is a really cool and useful report that I would recommend to all agency and in-house team leaders.”

Daniel Gilbert, Global CEO @ Brainlabs

“This report is comprehensive in its scope. It is both strategic and tactical in nature, making it a must-read by any PPCer!”

Kirk Williams, owner @ ZATO and author of “Ponderings of a PPC Professional”

“We often get lost in the day-to-day and fail to recognize meaningful trends or the progress we’ve made as an industry. This report does just that and should be read by every PPCer.”

Patrick Gilbert, COO @ AdVenture Media and author of “Join or Die” 

“Every page is brimming with data – but more importantly, that data is contextualized, distilled into key takeaways, and informed by expert opinion. An outstanding resource on an array of important PPC topics.”

Mike Ryan, portfolio Strategist @ Smarter Ecommerce

Over 500 respondents from around the world participated, representing agencies, brands/advertisers and freelancers. Two thirds of survey participants hail from EMEA, a quarter represent North America, and the balance are located in the APAC region or Latin America.

The 47 page full report is now available for download

About Swydo

Swydo helps online marketers at digital agencies and brands successfully communicate marketing campaign results and insights while maximizing efficiencies. The reporting and monitoring platform allows users to automate and customize marketing reports, dashboards and data visualizations to track performance and gain actionable insights. Swydo makes it easy to automate report processes, saving marketers time to focus on optimizing budgets and campaigns, and maximizing ROI. Known for its ease of use and reliability, the Netherlands based company services thousands of customers in over 80 countries around the globe.