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Twitter Tips: 5 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing Campaigns

14 July 2021

Twitter is one of the main social media platforms, boasting over 152 million daily active users worldwide. Any business worth its salt has to be on it, as the potential benefits are astounding. In this article, we will outline 5 video marketing tips that will lift your efforts to the next level.

Nowadays, video is how people want to consume content, therefore, social media video marketing is going through the roof on all platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, the potential profits for any type of company are better than ever. Especially as people are spending a lot more time online due to the world-wide lockdown, marketing videos can be very fruitful.

Just like in good copywriting, video content marketing has to be unique, engaging, and interesting to gather attention and be effective. If you make a visual that is without a clear focus, chances are that viewers will tune out pretty quickly. The quality margin is quite high because the global standards of video production have elevated through the years.

There is a lot of competition, and there are loads of people who made it their life purpose to become great at making engaging content. No wonder, after all, there are millions of dollars to be gained for whichever companies lead in video marketing. However, the best online payout slots exist, and there will always be room to join. Depending on your niche, one can make good money on the web in a multitude of ways.

Today, we will focus on the 5 methods of how to maximize your marketing efforts, as well as why using video marketing in unconventional ways can be highly profitable.

5 Ways of Maximizing Your Company’s Video Marketing Efforts

Creating Instructional Videos With Product Placement

Creating a problem and presenting a solution is an old marketing trick that always works like a charm when done right. No matter what product, or service you offer, the benefits can always be highlighted in an instructional video. This technique is very versatile and can apply to a multitude of business endeavors. For example, let us take the company Ben and Jerry’s, which makes ice cream. They created an instructional video of how to make a vegan acai smoothie. Note that these have become quite popular over the years. In the instructional video, they placed their non-dairy ice cream as an ingredient that is important to have if you want to make a great looking and tasting smoothie. Recipe videos can gather up over 200,000 views on social media platforms easily. Keeping the instruction short and snappy is also advisable. They do not have to be over 30 seconds long.

Make Quirky Videos That People Can’t Resist to Watch Until The End

You may have heard of the company Blendtec. It is a company from Utah, which sells blenders. In their ingenious marketing tactic, they created some very unusual videos that caught people’s attention very well. Their videos went completely viral. The concept is simple – they used their products to blend popular items that range from Ipads to Iphones, and a lot more. The videos are filled with humor, a sense of ease, and pure entertainment. The video series “Will It Blend?” was a huge success in increasing the company’s profits, all due to pretty weird, but catchy video content. Thinking outside the box can turn into ideas that go completely viral and make a lot of money. It is all about finding the right chance, acting upon it, and profits start to flow.

Start Using Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-roll advertising is a well-known feature of YouTube. A lot fewer people know that Twitter also has the option. Since late 2015 this is an option that is available for everyone to use. For video marketing services of all kinds, this feature is excellent. That is because it offers a lot of filtering options that allow you to target very specific audiences. One can choose carriers, languages, devices, locations, platforms, and genders to whom to show the pre-roll ads. The video marketing statistics of Volvo, who used Twitter pre-rolls, are very promising. In their pre-roll campaign for their Summer Sales Event, the car manufacturer achieved an average cost of $0.03 per view, as well as a 36% view rate. That is a third higher than the average for usual ads of the automotive industry.

Start Using Social Media Videos As Your Customer Service Channel

Using your social media videos as a customer service channel is amongst the most efficient ways of blending advertising and help related to your products. Answering questions about your products or services will act as educational content that is worthy of watching, as well as advertising. The company Warby Parker did an excellent job in capitalizing on this. The eyeglass company started to create content, answering customer queries related to eyeglasses, and they gained a lot of traction online. Such a video creation model can be applied to any business. What is excellent is that such videos do not alienate people due to their helpful nature. They also manage to present the product in the best light.

Tapping Into A Marketing Gold Mine For Casino Operators

There is no doubt about the fact that Twitter has an incredibly far reach. In times of lockdown, people are also spending an increased amount of time on their devices. That makes for a fruitful combination for casino operators, especially those who are web-based. It is advisable to create catchy, 15-30 second videos that highlight how fun it can be to win at gambling. Ideas could include creative snippets of those who already won talking about how they feel, offering free entry amounts for gambling, as well as highlighting the joy of playing casino games such as poker, blackjack, or slot spinners. 


We hope that you gained some valuable insights on how to make your Twitter marketing videos unique and impactful. Remember to keep it catchy, short, and valuable to have the best results. If you have any comments, questions, or insights, please share them in the comments below. We are interested to hear your thoughts on all things related to video marketing!

Thomas Glare is a passionate freelance content writer, always striving to inspire others and bring insight into the endless possibilities of the modern times we are currently living. He also spent a lot of time collaborating with some prestigious online casinos, thus being No. 1 expert in matters of gambling. He continues to improve his knowledge and is the co-designer of a “Casino Real”.