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Using Google analytics (custom) segments for better reporting

10 July 2015


Segments in Google Analytics give you the possibility to isolate and analyze subsets of Google Analytics data. You can use the Segment builder in Analytics to configure the individual filters that together form a Segment. You then apply Segments to your reports and dashboards so you can see that specific data. Google Analytics also has pre-built in segments you can use out-of-the-box. Swydo will support custom segments as of the July 15, 2015.

Segments are great for getting better insights. For example, of your entire set of users, one Segment might be users from a particular country or city. Another Segment might be users who purchase a particular line of products or who visit a specific part of your site.

Segments let you isolate and analyze those subsets of data so you can examine and respond to them individually. For example, if you find that users from a particular geographic region are not converting, you can see if they visit less pages or have a higher bounce rate.

You can also use Segments as the basis for Remarketing Audiences. For example, you might create a Segment of users who visit your Product A pages, and then target just those users (your Remarketing Audience) with a remarketing campaign that is focused on the new items that you are adding to those pages.

An example is the following segment, that is called “really engaged traffic’ It segments sessions that have a page depth of > 3 and have a time on site of > 180 seconds.

custom analytics segment engaged traffic

Now I can use this segment to filter my date in the Swydo Google Analytics widgets.

The result is really cool. Google has predefined segments like Sessions with Conversions, Sessions with Transaction, Paid Traffic etc. You can also import segments that other have pre-built for you in the Google Analytics solution gallery .  Or you can create you own Segment and share it with others.