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Your own colors in the Swydo reports: White label those PPC reports!

12 September 2013

Introducing brand templates

We actually like the pink! …. But we heard you would like to brand the reports with own agency or company colors. And we understand that. 🙂

So today we are introducing brand templates for the reports. Apply custom colors in the headers, tables, graphs and footer; change the font of the reports. Be creative and design the template(s) that suits your agency or company.

white label branded PPC adwords Bing reports

Define your own templates in the Manage Brand Templates Section.

Set one of them as the default for your Swydo.

Creation of a template

manage brand templates swydo

Overview of templates

This is another step in staying the best reporting and workflow tool for online marketers.

Go to your Swydo to test this new feature now.