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I have created a customized master report that provides each specialist, client, and internal stakeholder a view of their data within Swydo and it's simple.

Jessica Stenberg, VP of Operations, Navigate Patient Solutions


Location U.S.A

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How Swydo helped Navigate excel in the reporting

The success of any business heavily relies on its ability to utilize data effectively. Whether you’re a digital marketer handling client reporting or a project manager trying to define your next project roadmap – making data-driven decisions is the crux of a successful strategy.

We were in for a surprise when we got on a call with Navigate Patient Solution’s VP of Operations, Jessica Stenberg.

Jessica wasn’t the quintessential marketer we often speak to; she was, in fact, leading a team of specialists/Navigators at Navigate Patient Solutions. Unlike most marketers who use Swydo to report on their PPC and Email ROI, Jessica solely uses Swydo’s Google Sheets integration for her internal stakeholder reporting. That piqued our interest, and we got talking.

The Challenge: A Diamond in the Rough

At Navigate, Jessica and her team’s job is to educate all of their client’s patients about cataract surgery before they visit the doctor. This means she has enormous data and told us that she is almost maxing out her Google Spreadsheet.

Jessica knew that data was key to unlocking her business’s potential. However, this journey was fraught with challenges. Gaining visibility into her business processes involved the daunting prospect of sifting through mountains of data for insights while ensuring that her team of specialists got enough feedback to improve their calls and efficacy.

Driving Productivity: The Time-Saving Marvel

Swydo’s Google Sheets Integration helps Jessica convert raw data into visually stunning and digestible reports. Jessica can now finally see her business in its entirety, spot trends, track vital metrics, and make decisions driven by data.

She explains, “To make improvements and streamline processes, I need to understand the current state of the business. I have a master Google Sheet with each of my specialists’ performance metrics, and they are connected with Swydo. Recently, I noticed that a Swydo report showed a high number of non-call times for non-educated patients. This prompted me to dig deeper into their process and find ways to reduce that time. I eventually used that data to coach the navigator and identify areas of improvement.”

Filters Tailored for Success

Managing a private equity group practice with over 14 doctors means processes have to be streamlined. Which meant each doctor gets their own personalized report.

Not only does she use Swydo’s Google Sheets integration to keep track of her specialists’ performance, but also for client communication. “I have created a customized master report that provides each specialist, client, and internal stakeholder a view of their data. I love the extensive filtering options in Swydo, which can slice and dice the data to get specific insights. I use filtering options to dig into a report and understand why the yellow slice of the pie (representing declining education for patients) was so big. By filtering the data and analyzing it together, I uncovered insights about my clientele and their preferences for education.”

Gaining Valuable Insights: The Power of Informed Decisions

Swydo didn’t just save Jessica time; it helped her discover hidden treasures in her data. She could pinpoint areas ripe for improvement by dissecting critical metrics and visualizations and making data-driven decisions. For instance, Jessica optimized her processes for maximum efficiency by scrutinizing time spent on non-engaged patients. Swydo’s reports acted as her trusted compass, guiding her toward the treasure troves of opportunities within her business. This level of personalization ensures that her reports hit the mark, delivering actionable insights that help her drive tangible results.

If you’re searching for a reporting tool that effortlessly integrates with Google Sheets and empowers you to transform data into dollars, Swydo is your treasure map to success. Try for free 🪄

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