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DialogTech Reporting

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DialogTech Reporting
The World Leader in Call Analytics for Marketers and Agencies

DialogTech provides actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls you can visualize in Swydo to measure and optimize ROI for every channel.

View Marketing Analytics on Inbound Calls

DialogTech integrates seamlessly with Swydo to provide detailed analytics on inbound calls in your Swydo reports. Use insights from DialogTech and Swydo to optimize your marketing to generate the most clicks, calls, and customers.

Learn more about Call Attribution from DialogTech
How it works

How your channels, ads, search keywords, emails, and website drives calls.

2. Integrate

Call data from DialogTech with Swydo for a holistic view of marketing performance.

3. Analyze

Call data from DialogTech with Swydo for a holistic view of marketing performance.

4. Optimize

Marketing strategies to drive the most customers -- online and over the phone.

Call attribution

Complete attribution from marketing source to sale

Marketing Attribution

Capture the marketing channel, campaign, ad, keyword search, and other marketing interaction that drove each call. Accurately measure CPL by attributing how your marketing programs drive calls.

Website Interaction

See each visitor's site activity before, during, and after the call, including their entry page and the page they called from. Optimize website experiences to drive more call conversions.

Caller Profile Data

Capture who the caller is, their phone number and geographic location, the day and time of the call, their device and browser, and more. Use profile data to personalize the customer experience and improve ad targeting.

The Conversation

Capture if the call was answered and what was said, then analyze conversations for actionable insights. Prove lead quality, evaluate agent performance, and optimize for the keywords callers speak.

Sales Outcome

Know which calls from each source are legitimate sales leads and which convert to opportunities and revenue. Optimize marketing ROI by driving more calls that lead to revenue.

DialogTech Reporting
Why choose Swydo

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Bring all your PPC, SEO, social media and Google Analytics data together quickly and easily with hundreds of time-saving templates, predefined widgets, and KPIs.


Swydo enables you to build reports which reflect your brand by incorporating your logo, text styles, colors and personalized cover pages.

Multi language reports
Multi language reports

Translate reports and communicate with your clients in their native language with 14 languages available.

Automated Reporting

Once you’ve created a report, you can schedule and send that report automatically as frequently as needed - monthly, weekly, daily - whatever your clients need.


Customize reports to suit your clients’ needs. Build report templates and widgets from scratch. Provide executive summaries to help better understand the data.


Share your reports via PDF or use our online HTML report option – whatever suits your clients or team best.

Dialogtech customers

The World’s top brands and agencies trust DialogTech to get customers calling

“We use DialogTech to attribute calls from paid search down to the keyword and optimize SEM to drive more quality calls and customers. It’s been a great success”

Chip Smith (CMO) Sears Home Services, USA

View data and insights on the calls your marketing generates in Swydo with DialogTech

Free for 14 days, no credit card required, cancel at any time

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