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10 tips to enhance your online marketing with Swydo

16 September 2011
  1. Management information (NEW!). In the main tab Management you can see exactly which projects and subscriptions are running in pace. Never have the situation again that you under – or overperformed significantly. You will save a lot of money.
  2. Google Docs integration: Integrate Google Docs with Swydo and link your contracts, notes, drawings etc. to projects and tasks. (This feature can be activated in Settings and the subtab Google. Please check that you have a green light at Connection and Collection. If the collection is Red go to your Google docs and make sure you have a Shared collection / folder with the name SWYDO_youragencyname).
  3. Online marketing: Last month we integrated Google Analytics. This month we will expand to webmastertools and Adwords. Activate it also in the System Settings. You can integrate the highlights of online marketing within Swydo and soon also in your reports.
  4. White labeling: Put your own logo in Swydo. Enter your URL-link in the system settings -> Agency section. Please put the logo in a httpS link, for instance in Google Docs, as an image and publish it.
  5. Finance: use Swydo to make the bills for your customers. This is optional but very handy.
  6. Access for your clients: choose to give your customers access to their Swydo section (if you want that). This way you give full transparancy what you are doing and when. You can use this by adding your contacts as persons to the company and than give them access in the general company tab.
  7. Task priorities: Give tasks priorities (and define the scale yourselves like medium, high).
  8. Re-arrange your dashboard. Did you know that the dashboard can be re-arranged just like you find best? You can (de) activate and drag and drop the widgets to the best place for you.
  9. Reporting: Make your online marketing reports and even schedule them!
  10. Give us feedback! This tip is also very important. We are open for feedback. Please visit or send us a mail at .

What’s next? Our programmers are cooking some nice, new features at the moment. The Online Marketing section will be improved and enhanced significantly and I have seen mock ups of a new user interface that is stunning.

We have now more than 150 agencies, departments and professionals using Swydo since our soft launch 10 weeks ago. And they are from all over the world.

Thanks for using Swydo.