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Automate Your TikTok Ads Performance And Audience Metrics Reporting With Swydo

By Team Swydo
3 August 2022

Swydo’s TikTok Ads integration allows you to include your TikTok Ads campaign and audience data into your reports and dashboards with the rest of your marketing metrics for improved decision making.

In just five years, TikTok hit the billion user mark, three whole years less than it took Facebook and Twitter to hit the same number. TikTok ads reach 17.9% of all internet users 18+ years old – which translates into 884.9 million people. And with the launch of TikTok shopping with Shopify in August 2021, it is more important than ever to leverage this growing social media platform to reach young adults. 

Swydo’s TikTok Ads Integration Metrics

Start monitoring and reporting on TikTok ad campaign performance and have the data to analyze your audience at your fingertips with this new integration. 

With Swydo’s TikTok integration, you can:

  • Provide comprehensive report at ad levels: ad, ad group, campaign and historical performance
  • Monitor your audience clicks by age/gender, country and platform
  • Save time leveraging Swydo’s TikTok Ads reporting template
  • Customize an existing report…  by adding predefined widgets and KPIs including
    • Amount spent
    • Clicks
    • Conversion rate
    • Cost/conversion
    • CPC
    • CTR
    • And more – check out the additional metrics you can report on.

Provide Actionable Data Insights With TikTok Ads And Swydo 

Swydo’s pre-built report templates and scheduling functions help you easily automate your reporting processes, saving you time while enabling you to create customized, actionable data insights for your clients and stakeholders.

Once you’ve connected your TikTok Ads account to Swydo, you can include your ad campaign and audience metrics with data from 30+ other marketing channels to get a comprehensive look at your marketing efforts in one automated report or dashboard. 

Swydo’s customization and custom metrics options allow you to tailor your report the way you want – and focus on metrics that matter. You can also set specific goals and visualize them for each of your KPI values and track performance over time to ensure you are achieving your goals.

Use our dynamic reporting templates  (including one specifically for TikTok!) to save time making changes across multiple clients, and focus that time save on analyzing and optimizing marketing results. Schedule reports and dashboards in advance and have them automatically sent weekly, monthly, or whenever you want. 

Maintain your brand consistency and strengthen your brand visibility through Swydo’s brand templates and white label feature.  Change the font, colors, logos, images and text to your reports  and share them via your own company domain. 

Next Steps – Using Swydo To Report On TikTok Ads

Learn more about the new TikTok integration and how you can use it to track performance, improve your actionable insights and take steps to boost your marketing results across all the platforms you leverage. 

If you already have an account with Swydo and run ads on TikTok, follow these simple instructions to set up your TikTok Ads data connection in Swydo.

To help you get started, we’ve created a TikTok Ads report template you can use. This video will show you how to access it in the report template gallery.

Swydo’ TikTok Ads Report Template


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