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Boost The Value Of Your Reports And Dashboards With Swydo’s Google Sheets Integration

15 December 2020

Swydo’s Google Sheets integration expands your reporting capabilities by enabling you to include third party and internal data into your Swydo reports and dashboards along with existing connections such as Google Ads and Facebook.

Turn rows of spreadsheet data into more useful and understandable data visualization charts and tables options (17 and growing). Use Swydo’s Google Sheet integration to present performance data over time while increasing your reporting flexibility for more comprehensive, valuable business insights.

Import Data Outside Of Swydo’s Existing Data Connections

The Google Sheet integration makes it possible to report on any third party data or in-house data (i.e. sales, financial data) as long as you can export it as a csv file. It is no longer necessary for Swydo to have a connection with every platform you use, giving you the ability to create your own data ecosystem in an all-in-one reporting platform.

And by using tools like Zapier (which connects with 2000+ apps like Hubspot, Amazon and Shopify) you can automate that data input using Google Sheets. Updates to your data will automatically feed into your Swydo reports and dashboards, saving you more time and increasing your reporting efficiency.

Create More Valuable Custom KPIs/Metrics 

Provide clients and stakeholders with a better understanding of performance and results through calculating custom metrics off multiple spreadsheets through our Google Sheets integration. For instance, you can combine ad spend across Facebook and Google Ads, add your agency markup cost, and divide by goal completions in Google Analytics for a true cost per lead KPI. 

Next Steps

There are limitless possibilities in which the Google Sheets integration can help improve data-driven decisions to maximize ROI. Check out our how to article to get started with Swydo’s Google Sheets integration!

Not yet a subscriber? Try our Google Sheets integration today!