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Swydo a SEO Project Management Software Tool

14 July 2011

Swydo can be called a SEO Project Management Software Tool. We dived into that niche to scratch our own itch.

The idea

The original idea came from a search for a good tool after multiple clients of our agency asked us ;” What SEO tasks did you do exactly for us last month”. Then we realized that putting them on the mailing list of their Adwords or Analytics reports isn’t enough. These reports were often not even opened by them.

Most of the clients where just interested in basic metrics like “did my position in Google improve”, “did I sell more”, “have you spent the agreed budget on my PPC campaign”, and “did your really spent 4 hours on Link-building?”.  So we started with the basis Word doc and made the monthly SEO and PPC reports every first week of the new month. It was not our favorite part of our job.

SEO Project management software

So there was the quest for a good tool to automate that process, a need for SEO project management software. We tested all SAAS project management tools out there. Basecamp , Huddle , Teambox , Manymoon etc. But all these tools are good for webdesign projects. You know with a starting date and an end. Then your archive the project and start a new one. But this is not the way an online agency works with its clients. It’s an ongoing relationship trying to improve positions, with uncertainties, changes in the Google algorithm, new features in Adwords etc. You need to cooperate for months to be able to excel together.  And we wanted integration with online marketing metrics.
We discovered we were not the online one with these challenges. Just read this comments in this SEOMOZ blog post . Or read these  . So we think we are filling a true need.

SEO Tools Intergration

It is a strategic choice that we are not going to make a new SEomoz, bid management etc. tool. We will integrate the market leaders in our suite. First is Google with the recently integrated connection with Google Analytics. Next will follow Adwords and Webmaster tools and probably thereafter we will integrated SEOmoz , Mailchimp.
Please start using Swydo free for your test drive and give us input. Thanks,