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Swydo is a “Game Changer”

19 October 2015

If I had to describe Swydo In 2 words they would be “Game Changer”

Before we found Swydo all our reporting was done manually which took more than 2 days per month for each of our account managers.

Swydo testimonial kickmediaNow we set each account up once, and Swydo takes care of the rest. Not only do we have more time to spend optimising accounts but the reports our clients receive have improved tenfold. The scheduling feature has also allowed us to move from monthly reporting to fortnightly and in some cases weekly reporting without any extra effort which means our clients are more up to date than ever.

Almost every time you log in to the swydo platform you can’t help but notice new features. Every single week they add something to improve their product and it helps us to improve the information and the insights we give to our clients.

Each time we have suggested a new feature they have been very responsive and in most cases we have noticed the same or a similar feature update not long after. Unlike most software providers, they listen and take feedback from everyone and use that to continue improving their platform in a period of time that is very impressive.

If you are sitting on the fence on whether or not to buy this product I recommend getting involved I promise you won’t look back, it really has been a game changer for our team!


Digital Strategy manager

Kick Media

Chris Digital Strategy manager Kick Media