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Digital Marketing Platform Swydo Launches New Features – Wins Dutch Search Award

By Team Swydo
4 December 2017

Hilversum, NH: 4 December 2017. New integrations, enhanced automation and custom reporting features rolled out this past 11 months have helped Swydo gain “shortlist” recognition from both the European and UK Search Awards committees in 2017. And on 23 November, Swydo was named “Best Reporting & Analytics Software” for the second year in a row at the Dutch Search Awards.

The team behind the reporting and monitoring platform released a host of new enhancements and additions to their software that already incorporates valuable client reporting and monitoring. These improvements enable digital marketing agencies to monitor multi channel marketing campaigns, identify attribution and automate reporting for their clients.  

Addressing the growing community of marketers who’ve adopted Swydo, CEO Jeroen Maljers said, We are always looking for opportunities to improve our clients’ experience with Swydo, and help them create more insightful, valuable reports to share with their customers. By actively seeking out client feedback and “wishlists”, we are continuously evolving the platform to help with cross channel measurement, attribution and data-driven decisions.

In a bid to cater to the growing needs of digital marketers in the rapidly evolving field of data-driven marketing, the Swydo team added a number of new features. The platform will now come equipped with enhanced features focusing on three key areas – cross channel measurement, accurate attribution and data management.

As data-driven marketing evolves to adapt greater capabilities for user behavior tracking, marketers are laboring to keep pace with the massive amounts of data generated. Recognizing the need for a more efficient tool to simplify the marketer’s task, Swydo focused on making improvements to their platform by adding new integrations and enhancing existing ones.

The improvements made to Swydo’s SDK aim to provide greater flexibility to marketers in choosing KPIs and metrics and enable cross channel reporting. Marketers will now be able to customize data reports to a greater degree and impart better insights to their clients.

New and Enhanced Integrations by Swydo

The new data source integrations introduced by Swydo, as well as the existing integration capabilities.

  • Twitter
  • CallRail
  • MailChimp
  • Instagram
  • Improved Google Analytics
  • Improved Google AdWords
  • Improved Facebook Insights

All integrations are coupled with additional reporting flexibility allowing enhanced customization. The new reports are capable of presenting better and more precise insights to the client.

Swydo’s Platform Enhancements:

The enhancements to the platform’s existing features build on Swydo’s core mission and hope to better accomplish three primary goals:

  • Automate Workflow
  • Optimize Core Deliverables
  • Easing Scalability

The new changes and upgrades are sure to have a positive impact on users’ reporting capabilities, and allow them to present more insights and better value to their clients. However, the Swydo team is not done upgrading its platform.

Talking about plans to further enhance the platform, Maljers says “We are in the process of migrating the rest of our integrations to the new platform, as well as launching new integrations, including LinkedIn within the first quarter of 2018.”

Digital agencies that use Swydo can look forward to continued improvements and upgrades to their favorite online marketing management platform.

About Swydo:

Swydo’s industry-proven, award winning reporting, monitoring and workflow platform retrieves data from multiple sources and creates professional, customizable marketing reports. The user-friendly tool allows marketers to generate client reports combining  external data sources. It automates the creation of professional looking reports while adding more value in analyzing data and gaining actionable insights for a campaign. Swydo was awarded Best Search Software Tool in 2016 and Best Reporting & Analytics Software in 2017 by the Dutch Search Awards, and is a Google Technology Partner.