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Swydo supports our international growth by offering the most flexible and complete reporting tool in the market.

Alex Hollander, Managing Director, Loyals LATAM


Location The Netherlands, Curacao, Colombia

Why Swydo

  • Increased productivity
  • Professional presentation
  • Monitor performance/ campaigns progress
  • Report scheduling
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Swydo saves the Loyals apx 40 hours of monthly reporting

Loyals is a communications agency that helps companies grow and build brands. Our specialists select the right marketing communication mix to achieve our clients goals, and are not afraid to change that mix if the market calls for it and enables new opportunities. Our analysts understand the power of data and know how to use this data.

We believe in results, so we have always demonstrated our professional work through these goals. That is why it is essential for us to use a tool that facilitates the collection and organization of the data from our campaigns.


When we started over 17 years ago, we used Excel spreadsheets for reporting because it offered us exactly what we were looking for: data management and control. At the beginning it was quite useful and simple, since we did not need much data to be able to generate the reports. However, as we grew and started using more digital marketing channels, we began to generate large amounts of data from different sources that were not easy to manually combine into one clear report. We needed to look for a more efficient solution – a tool that would not only offer us the data management and control we needed, but would also allow us to automate the collection and organization of data.

Our continued growth led us to become an international digital agency, which further complicated the reporting process with the need for more customized reports for new clients, new languages, new digital marketing platforms and more colleagues involved in reporting. We thought that it would be impossible and that we would have to build our own reporting tool with the use of Google Data Studio, but fortunately after a good online research, we found Swydo, the most complete reporting tool in the market, that adapts to our needs and in which we have trusted until today.


Our favorite Swydo features that have helped us solve our challenges include:

Time Saving
Through Swydo we can connect to all the digital marketing platforms we use. It saves us approximately 40 hours of monthly reporting and has allowed us to spend that time thinking in the next big thing.

Added Custom Value
Through email templates we can make an automated email feel close and personal, which improves our relationship with customers and also saves us time that can be spent on improving their campaigns. We also love the ability to create custom reports for each of our clients, and in the languages they need.

Additionally, we’ve been able to leverage the benefits of Swydo reports as a selling point when our sales team conducts discussions with future clients.

Improved Client Management
We use Swydo to set up KPI dashboards to closely monitor the results of our clients, which makes it easier to make decisions in our clients’ marketing campaigns. It allowed us to automate not only the reports for our clients but also for ourselves. For our internal reports, we create custom widgets that provide us with specific knowledge for each client.

Valuable Customer Service
We very much appreciate the attentive and multi-language customer service that Swydo provides, as this has made it easier for us to communicate with the tool.

With Swydo we can focus on achieving the best results for our clients in an efficient and time-saving way. We communicate with professional looking reports that are tailored to contain only the data that is most important to their business goals. Swydo supports our international growth by offering the most flexible and complete reporting tool in the market.

Want to learn how Swydo can help you gain meaningful marketing insights while saving you time through reporting automation? Get in touch with us and sign up for demo or a free trial!

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