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26 Reasons to Love Swydo: A Comprehensive Feature Guide

By Aarti Bhanushali
8 January 2024

Welcome to the ultimate A to Z rundown of Swydo’s features that transform how digital marketing professionals approach reporting and analytics. Buckle up as we take a fun yet professional tour through the alphabet, highlighting the features that make Swydo your favorite digital marketing ally.

A is for Automation

Set your reports to autopilot with Swydo’s automation feature. Schedule and send out reports as regularly as you like, saving you time and ensuring consistent communication with your clients.

B is for Branding

Brand your reports with Swydo’s customization options. Add logos, brand colors, and a personal touch to every report to keep your agency branding consistent and professional.

C is for Campaign Monitoring

Swydo’s comprehensive monitoring tool allows you to keep track of all your client campaigns across different platforms in one place.

D is for Data Visualization

Transform data into dynamic charts and graphs with a few clicks, making your reports visually appealing and digestible. You can design your report the way you want with resizable grids!

E is for Email Features

Directly schedule email reports from Swydo’s platform, streamlining your communication process with clients and team members. Choose from one-time email, custom email domains, and branded email templates with your agency signature and logos.

F is for Filters

Tailor your data with Swydo’s filter options so you can focus on what’s most relevant to your business goals and report on metrics that matter.

G is for Google Ads Reporting

By creating a Google Ads report in Swydo, you can keep track of your campaign performance by including specific Google Ads metrics and setting targets for each. This allows you to monitor the progress of your goals and make necessary adjustments to achieve your objectives. Swydo offers a range of standard KPIs and widgets, but you can customize your data points based on your client’s requirements.

H is for Historical Data

Track and compare performance over time with Swydo’s historical data capabilities, identifying trends and informing strategy decisions.

I is for Integrations

Gain actionable insights with your favorite 30+ marketing integrations in a single report or dashboard. With our Google Sheets integration, you can also incorporate third-party data into your reports and dashboards. This enables you to include any third-party data in reports, interactive marketing dashboards, and Swydo’s existing data source integrations, including Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, and more.

J is for Jargon-Free Reports

Create easy-to-understand reports. Our interface ensures that your reports are free of marketing jargon and transparent to all stakeholders. You can also add screenshots and text where necessary with our text widgets.

K is for KPI Tracking

Identify and monitor key performance indicators and track them to understand the impact of your marketing efforts. Establish targets to get insights into performance, trends, and progress toward your goals.

L is for Linking Reports

Our dynamic report template structure ensures that any modifications made automatically update across all reports associated with that template. Yes, make a change once, and all the reports linked to the template will be automatically updated.

M is for Multi-Channel Reporting

Compile data from various channels into a multi-channel report for a holistic view of your digital marketing landscape.

N is for Notifications

Stay on top of your reporting with our monitoring notifications, subscribe to the alerts, and get an email when there is a change in your client KPI.

O is for Optimization

Use Swydo’s insights to optimize your marketing strategies for better performance and higher ROI.

P is for PPC Reporting

Perfect your pay-per-click campaign reporting with Swydo’s specialized PPC report templates that save time and allow you to add your budget mark-ups!

Q is for Quick Setup

Get up and running in no time with Swydo’s quick setup process, making it easy to integrate your data sources.

R is for ROI Analysis

Calculate your return on investment with precision, understanding the profitability of your marketing endeavors quickly.

S is for Scheduled Reporting

Plan and stay ahead of client demands. Our Schedules reporting feature ensures regular updates and insights are delivered right on time, when and where you need them.

T is for Time-Saving Templates

Choose from a range of scalable customizable templates — PPC, Social Media, Google Ads, SEO, and more to save time and maintain consistency across your reports.

U is for User-Friendly Interface

Navigate our platform with ease thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

V is for Valuable Integrations

Connect with a variety of marketing platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Klaviyo, and over 30+ integrations and more for comprehensive client reporting.

W is for White Label Solutions

Offer Swydo’s reporting features under your own brand with their white-label solutions, adding value to your services.

X is for eXport Options

Export your reports in multiple formats, including PDF, dashboards, and online HTML reports, allowing you to share your data how you see fit.

Y is for Year-over-Year Comparisons

Look back and compare current performance to previous years, providing context and insight into growth and seasonal trends.

Z is for Zealous Support

Experience Swydo’s dedicated customer support team! They are zealous about helping you get the most out of your reporting and can help you with your queries 24/5 via chat and video calls.

Why Choose Swydo for Client Reporting?

Over 2,000 + agencies and marketers trust Swydo with their client reporting. Request a demo or sign up for a free trial and create a free report in minutes.