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Report anything with the new image widget and the new report copying feature

29 April 2013

In our continuous quest for staying the best reporting tool for online marketers we added two great new features today: The image widget and report copying.

Image Widget
The new image widget gives you great opportunities to integrate nearly anything in your reports.

Some possible deployments:

  • A screenshot of a new ad proposal
  • A banner proposal
  • A screenshot of a new call-to-action-button
  • Graphs from other tools
  • A photo of your team

The image widget can be used via the Reporting tab when you add a widget.

image widget swydo

After adding the image widget you can upload any JPG, PNG or GIF file with a max size of 5 MB and we autoscale it to fit in your reports. The widget can be dragged and dropped just like all other widgets. So be creative and use the widget to create super looking and comprehensive reports.

An example


Report Copying has arrived

You can now copy reports! Oh, yeah. You could already re-use drafts, but now you can copy reports very easily.

We also tweaked some extra features in the reporting section, such as:

  • Option to change the main author
  • Option to change the client (be sure to change the data sources)
  • And for the cover page we made some improvements: you can now choose which data to display on the cover page.


We are very thrilled by these new features that make your life as an online marketer easier.

Please check them out in your Swydo. Remember that in the free plan, there’s a watermark logo in the reports that disappears in all paid plans. So upgrade now!