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When are Scheduled Swydo Reports running

21 October 2013

In Swydo you schedule the Online Marketing Reports to be send automatically to your customers. Easy Reporting for Online Marketing Agencies, that’s what we do at Swydo.

Some of our customers are asking when exactly these reports are send out. Well, below is the agenda for the year 2014.

Scheduled Swydo Reports

Week Reports
They are generated and send every monday. The period on which they report are the 7 days before this monday. So, the Weekly Report of November 10th will report on 3-Nov until 9-Nov.
In the above calendar the dates are in yellow (and the green ones on Dec 1st and Sep 1st).

Month Reports
Monthly reports are generated and send on the first day of the next month. The green and blue ones in the calendar above.
They report on the previous month. So, the generated report which runs on September 1st will report on the whole month of August.

Quarterly Reports
Quarterly reports are generated on the first of a quarter. They will report on the previous quarter. The dates are in blue in the above calendar.

Exact time the reports are generated
The reports are running at 06:00 AM in your current timezone.

Future Developments
There are several ideas on where we should go with scheduling:

  • Wait a couple of days before sending out the report. Large agencies are getting a lot of calls from their customers with questions about the results in the reports. They want to spread the sending of reports to spread the customer calls. Also, Google Adwords tends to delay the data of previous days, therefore it’s better to run the monthly report around the 4th of the next month.
  • Customers want to run weekly reports on another period than the previous week. Same for monthly and quarterly reports.

We are looking into that and these requests are on the wishlist.

Will we be doing Daily Scheduled Reports?
There are no plans to make Daily Scheduled Reporting available. In the near future there will be no need for that since we are working on Dashboards and advanced authorization which makes it possible for your customer to log into Swydo directly.

Is it clearly written? Is my Dutch version of English any good? 🙂
Please let me know. Comments are open.


Bert Catsburg