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Swydo Launches MailChimp Integration

27 July 2017

Our dev team’s latest platform enhancement adds MailChimp, the popular email marketing tool, as a new integration to our platform. Keep reading for additional details about this exciting announcement!

Comprehensive reporting on clients’ digital marketing efforts

Once you initially connect to a MailChimp account, Swydo will retrieve account data enabling you to integrate email campaign metrics within your existing reports. With this new capability, you’ll be able to provide more comprehensive and in-depth insights into all of your clients’ digital marketing efforts providing insights across PPC, SEO and now email.

Some of the email metrics that can be incorporated into your clients’ internet marketing reports include:

  • # emails sent
  • Total opens
  • Open rate
  • Total clicks
  • Click rate
  • Unique clicks
  • Unique subscriber clicks

Our MailChimp integration also enables you to report on individual link performance, so you can track data by URL for:

  • Total clicks
  • Click %
  • Unique clicks
  • Unique click %

Save time with our default MailChimp widgets

Build MailChimp graphs and charts in minutes with 6 predefined widgets already at your disposal. Once you’ve chosen a widget, you’ll be able to select date range of the campaigns you want to include, determine metrics to pull and method of display.

Widget Mailchimp

Create your own widgets for customized reporting

Swydo’s MailChimp integration allows you to easily create custom widgets from scratch, which you can copy/save and use across all your clients. Custom widgets can be created within the following categories:

  • Lists
  • Campaigns
  • A/B testing campaigns
  • Locations
  • Links clicked
  • Domains

Leverage MailChimp and Google Analytics for conversion tracking

Because MailChimp includes campaign variables within email links, you are able to pull website traffic numbers for each email campaign from Google Analytics. And you’ll also be able to track leads and sales data generated by campaigns. Just setup conversion tracking in GA, and you’ll get a closed-loop view of how your clients’ email campaigns are performing, providing insights to help you increase leads and sales.

Give our new MailChimp integration a try, and if you have any feedback or questions, please let us know!

Team Swydo