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Swydo Platform Improvements – A Year In Review, A Look Ahead to 2020

6 February 2020

Where does the time go? There have been a number of new Swydo features and integrations launched in 2019, with a focus on giving you greater flexibility in your reporting process to create the very best reports and dashboards for your clients and stakeholders. Learn how your peers are successfully getting the most value out of Swydo!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to present data that successfully communicate results, helps make decisions and shows your value. With that in mind, here’s a reminder of what was introduced or improved last year, and we’ll give you a sneak peek at what to expect in the upcoming months.

New/Enhanced Integrations In 2019

The more data you can incorporate into your reports and dashboard, the more value you bring to your clients through comprehensive reporting. These new data sources and upgrades were introduced in 2019: 

  • Google Sheets. Incorporate any third party data in a csv file into your Swydo reports and dashboards. Learn how!
  • Salesforce. Close on the loop on attribution and show how campaigns feed sales leads and closed deals.
  • YouTube. Provide your clients with YouTube channel and video analytics reporting.
  • Instagram Insights. Combine your Instagram ad data along with your social media metrics for the platform.
  • LinkedIn. Report on both advertising AND account metrics with this upgraded integration.

New Features Launched In 2019

These new features were rolled out in the last year to improve your experience and to give you more control over the data you report on:

  • Dashboard reporting option. Share reports in near real time with this alternative to static PDF or HTML reports.
  • Custom integration. Create your own data source integration with Swydo to add data from your SEO tool, CRM, marketing automation platform and more.
  • Custom domain. Use your own website domain for sharing dashboards, reports and email sent via Swydo. Available for boutique plan and higher.
  • Advanced filtering functionality. Refine results and have more flexibility to dictate how filters are applied, allowing for better control over the data presented.
  • Date range options for individual widgets. Set different data ranges within a report to dig deeper into metrics and see how they’ve changed over time.
  • Action attribution window filter. Enable your clients to see Facebook conversion data for different conversion rules.

If you have questions about any of the integrations or features above, please check out our improved help documents and our new “how to” videos for additional assistance. 

Swydo Product Roadmap For 2020

Product development plans for 2020 are focused on giving you increased reporting flexibility and control over data you present and how it appears. Here is what’s on deck for 2020:

Custom metrics. Create a custom metric for your reports by combining two metrics from the same data source to calculate an entirely new metric. For example, you can add your agency fee to your client’s Google ad spend to calculate the total cost to the client. Custom metrics are now in beta for boutique, loft and enterprise level customers. 

New visualizations. Selecting the right type of visual to display data can significantly impact how your clients and stakeholders consume and understand the information presented. Heatmap and treemap visualizations will be available in beta in Q1, with more options launching later in the year. 

New AccuRanker integration. Incorporate and track organic keyword rankings within your Swydo reports and dashboards with the new AccuRanker integration, in beta for the month of January. Click here to go to our help article and find out how to connect your AccuRanker account to Swydo!

Our top priority is improving Swydo to help you do your job more effectively and efficiently. Remember to check out the blog and monthly newsletter to stay on top of new developments as they are introduced, and if you’d like to become part of the beta program, please let us know. Here’s to a successful 2020!