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New To Swydo Platform – Report On Keyword Rankings With AccuRanker Integration

21 February 2020

We’re excited to announce the launch of another valuable data source to Swydo’s list of pre-built integrations. Effective immediately, all Swydo customers will have the ability to track and monitor keyword rankings through the new AccuRanker integration. With this addition to Swydo’s reporting ecosystem, you’ll be able combine your AccuRanker data along with your other website performance data including Google Analytics, Search Console, Pagespeed and more to create and automate comprehensive and insightful SEO reports and dashboards

Automated SEO Reports With Professional Data Visualizations

AccuRanker gives you the ability to monitor keyword ranking metrics, track your website’s performance in search results, visualize the impact of your SEO efforts, and provides the actionable data you need to improve results. And with real-time ranking data for Google, Bing, YouTube, Baidu and Yandex, your AccuRanker reports will equip you with a comprehensive picture of your domain’s performance.

AccuRanker’s key features include:

  • Instant on-demand keyword ranking updates.
  • SERP data history to help boost organic visibility.
  • Segmentation and filter options for in-depth analysis.
  • Overview of organic position in marketplace and potential to boost rankings.
  • Tag cloud and landing page feature to measure impact of your SEO strategy.
  • Unlimited domains and users under one account.

In addition to capturing specific keyword rankings through a variety of metrics, you can leverage AccuRanker to gain insights on how you compare against your competition by rank and share of voice, and will help you hone in on opportunities boost results and surpass competitors. 

Here are some of the the AccuRanker KPIs and metrics available through this new integration:

  • Average keyword rank
  • Search volume by keyword
  • Average rank by competitor    
  • Share of voice
  • Share of voice competitors 
  • Share of voice tags 
  • Keywords and search volume data for individual landing page
  • …and more

Leveraging AccuRanker And Swydo Together

By incorporating AccuRanker data into your Swydo reports and dashboards, you’ll have one destination to get an overall picture of your domain’s performance, set and track ranking goals, and easily spot dips and know exactly when to take action.

Learn more about the AccuRanker integration.
Already an AccuRanker subscriber? Check out this guide to connect your AccuRanker account with Swydo.