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Google Pagespeed Report

Report on Google Pagespeed with Pre-Built Report Template

Easily analyze the speed and performance of your web pages with Swydo’s Google Page Speed report template. 

Gain a detailed understanding of what factors are impacting your site’s performance. Make informed decisions about optimizations to improve page speed, enhance user experience, and achieve better performance in search engine results.

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Google Pagespeed Report
How it works
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Improve User Experience, Page Performance, and SERPs

Score and Performance Score by Category
See your page’s overall performance score (0-100), broken down into performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. Pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

Final Screenshot Performance
View the fully loaded page as users see it, ensuring it looks and functions as intended.

Audit Results
To optimize your page, get detailed metrics and suggestions for improvement, such as image compression and script minimization.

URL (Defer Offscreen Images) Performance
Discover how well your website defers images and make adjustments to improve load times and user experience.


KPIs Included in Our Google Page Speed Template

First Contentful Paint (FCP)
Time until the first content appears. Faster FCP means a better initial user experience.

First Input Delay (FID)
Time from user interaction to browser response. Lower FID improves responsiveness.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) Score
Time for the largest content element to load. Faster LCP enhances user satisfaction.

Overall Score
An aggregate performance score reflecting the page’s efficiency.

Time to Interactive (TTI) Score
Time until the page becomes fully interactive. Better TTI ensures quicker user interactions.

Speed Index Score
How quickly page contents become visible. A faster Speed Index improves perceived speed.


Customize Your Google Pagespeed Report

Leverage a variety of filters to show more specific data points to quickly identify issues and take swift action.

Automate and share your dashboards and reports on a schedule that best meets your needs.

White label
Reflect your brand by incorporating your logo and brand colors into your reports. You can also use your domain to share and send your reports.

Set and track goals to gain insight into performance, trends and progress toward your goals.

Custom Metric
Combine two metrics from the same data source to calculate an entirely new custom metric.

Multi-language reports
Create reports for your clients in 14 available languages through our automatic and editable translation feature.

Report Design
Resizable widgets allow you to adjust the presentation of KPIs, charts, tables, text, and images to focus clients on key data and insights.

Text and Images
Provide context to clients or stakeholders through descriptive text widgets. Incorporate images, such as ad assets, to improve client communication and understanding.

Flexible Date Ranges
Easily compare data across different time periods. Fully control the date range of your overall reports or specific KPIs, charts, and tables to highlight trends.

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