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It’s straightforward and repeatable, making it easy to tailor reports to meet individual client needs

John Horn, CEO, StubGroup


Location Texas, USA

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StubGroup’s 10-Year Success Story with Swydo

The secret to a successful digital marketing agency often boils down to two crucial elements: seamless communication and meticulous reporting. This is also the core philosophy at StubGroup, where CEO John Horn leads with a personal touch.  Known for his hands-on approach, John not only sets the strategic direction but also ensures his team is well-equipped to excel. As a Premier Google Partner, renowned for being in the top 1% globally, John invests his time and energy into equipping his team to provide best-in-class service to their clients.

Nearly ten years ago, StubGroup made a decisive move to tackle a major obstacle by choosing Swydo as their client reporting tool. This partnership has provided the agency with an advanced reporting solution that has fundamentally changed the way the team operates.

From Spreadsheets to Strategic Success

John and his team have expertly handled marketing strategies for a diverse range of clients, from multinational corporations to niche local businesses. Their deep industry expertise spans e-commerce, lead generation in both B2B and B2C markets.  Yet, a significant challenge persisted: the time-consuming manual processes of aggregating campaign data from various sources were stifling efficiency.

For nearly a decade, StubGroup’s partnership with Swydo has been transformative. Before Swydo, John recalls, “It was a juggling act of spreadsheets, documents, and screenshots.” The transition to Swydo’s robust reporting tools marked a pivotal point, enhancing their operational efficiency and allowing them to scale their client base without sacrificing service quality. “Swydo is actually the first ready-built software for reporting that we decided to leverage once we had grown to the point where we decided we required a tool like we do, and we have never looked elsewhere,” John says.

Discovering the Solution

Implementing Swydo catalyzed improvements in their workflow. The most notable change was the drastic reduction in time spent generating reports. “Swydo saves us numerous hours daily,” John notes. The automation freed up time for strategic tasks like campaign analysis and client consultations, significantly boosting service quality and client satisfaction.

The customizable reporting features of Swydo enabled the agency to standardize yet adapt its reporting framework effortlessly. “We build a template for common metrics and adapt it per client,” explains John. This flexibility and efficiency facilitated impressive growth in client volume and campaign size, enhancing their market presence without adding to the extra reporting hours.

Realizing Efficiency: The Power of Automation

Thanks to the automation Swydo provided, John and his team were able to shift their focus from tedious manual tasks to more impactful areas like in-depth campaign analysis and personalized client consultations. This shift not only raised the quality of their services but also significantly enhanced client satisfaction.

With Swydo’s flexible templates and customizable reporting features, they established a robust yet adaptable framework for reporting. “We can quickly build a template, schedule it, and just let it run. It’s straightforward and repeatable, making it easy to tailor reports to meet individual client needs,” John explains enthusiastically.

Enhancing User Experience and Client Satisfaction

This newfound efficiency meant that John’s team could scale their operations more adeptly. They managed to take on a larger volume of clients and run bigger campaigns without a corresponding increase in administrative burden. This ability to scale was vital for their growth, enabling StubGroup to broaden its client base and strengthen its presence in the market.

Swydo’s user-friendly interface also played a significant role, particularly for new team members. The intuitive system made the onboarding process quicker and drastically cut down the training time required.  John highlights the human element that Swydo brings to the table, “Dealing with the Swydo support team has always been a pleasure. It’s like talking to real people, not machines. They really listen and continuously refine the tool, making it even more user-friendly based on our feedback.”

John’s journey with Swydo has led to his team shifting from the slog of slow manual tasks to slick, efficient workflows. They’ve moved from the grind of slow, manual data crunching to fast, streamlined client reporting. You can be like them too. Interested in seeing how Swydo can revolutionize your business operations too?

You can be like them too. Interested in seeing how Swydo can revolutionize your business operations too?

Read our Capterra Reviews, and reach out to us for a personalized walkthrough.  Or experience the magic firsthand with our 14-day no-strings-attached trial—no credit card required!

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