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Linkedin Revenue Attribution Report

Track LinkedIn Revenue Attribution with Our Pre-built Report Template

Attribute your CRM data to your LinkedIn Ad Accounts, Pages and Matched Audiences in one place, and demonstrate these marketing activities impact your revenue. 

Swydo’s pre-built LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report template makes it seamless to provide invaluable insights into how your LinkedIn marketing investments drive positive results.

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Linkedin Revenue Attribution Report
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Match LinkedIn Marketing Efforts to Business Revenue

Overall Performance
Get a rundown of how your LinkedIn marketing tactics generate successful business outcomes, including leads, open opportunities, average deal size, and closed deals. Compare timeframes to track trends and evaluate your strategies.

Campaign Performance
Understand which campaigns drive the most revenue and best return on ad spend. Get the insights you need to optimize your campaigns and effectively allocate your budget.


KPIs and Metrics Included in Our LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Template

Total number of CRM leads generated through LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Opportunity Win Rate
Ratio of closed-won opportunities influenced by LinkedIn marketing to the total number of closed opportunities.

Average Deal Size
The mean value derived from all successfully closed opportunities influenced by LinkedIn marketing initiatives.

Revenue Won
Aggregate revenue from successfully closed CRM opportunities influenced by LinkedIn marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Ad Spend
Total expenditure across advertising accounts managed by your Business Manager account on LinkedIn.

Return On Ad Spend
Revenue generated divided by the total expenditure on LinkedIn advertising.

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