Swydo is your AdWords reporting tool

Make your monthly, weekly and on the fly adwords report in minutes

We know, we have been there. You manage Google AdWords campaigns. You implement these brilliant concepts. You just thought that it might be a great idea that you create a separate remarketing list for people that actually bought. You can remarket them with a next offer. Isn't that a great idea. Or you just went through the real search terms and discovered that negatives that will save hundreds of dollars.

But then... It's the start of the next month. They expect a report. You've been busy. Did wonderful things. Now your valuable time as a professional, as a PPC/SEO artist needs to be devoted to dull graphs, copy-pasting, Excel nonsense. Hmm, can I report sick? Shall I get lunch? Not really...

What if there was a tool that just grabbed data from Google, Facebook, Bing and more. I could give a narrative per graph, that could create a rock star pdf; just shining, stand out of the norm.

Wouldn't that be great.

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