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Google Ads

Google Ads report integration

By Aarti Bhanushali
30 December 2022

If you’re a marketer looking for an easy way to create data-driven Google Ads reports and dashboards, then Swydo’s Google Ads integration is just what you need. Build your Google Ads reports easily in minutes and include comprehensive data insights across all paid advertising campaigns, SEO, social, email, and more in one place. 

Why Google Ads? 

For many marketers, Google Ads form the core of their PPC marketing strategy. Google Ads is a powerful online advertising platform that can be used to promote your business, increase your brand awareness and sales. It can also help you target specific audiences based on their interests, location, and other factors. 

Report on Google Ads campaign performance easily with Swydo 

Are you overwhelmed with the number of Google Ads metrics available? We have you covered. With Swydo’s pre-made Google Ads report template and default widgets, you can include the most commonly used KPIs and metrics to report on campaign performance, conversions, keyword analysis, ad groups performance, and more! We have +6,470 Google Ads metrics available, and our team is constantly updating the integration with the latest releases. 

Analyze performance metrics

Get a campaign-level snapshot and drill down on campaign types such as Product, Video, and Smart campaigns and also at an ads level. 

Conversion Tracking 

Measure Google Ads metrics that matter – from impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, conversion (rate), and phone conversions!  Put a spotlight on your data that brings ROI.

Filter to get the desired data insights you need

With thousands of metrics available, you can filter on a specific set of campaign and ad metrics – highlighting only certain data that add value to your report. You can not only report but also view Ad Performance tables with ads previews to compare and analyze the main KPIs of the campaigns in one view.

Add your own markup to each report 

We understand that at times, you may need to add markup costs or create specific campaign targets. You can easily do so by creating manual KPIs and adding custom metrics to your reports and set targets. Easily visualize when numbers miss the mark. Improve your decision-making, budget allocation and ROI. Show the impact of your efforts in a transparent way. 

Show what your ads look like

Include a preview of your ads in your performance reports. Wondering what image or video got you those clicks? With Swydo you can include a preview of the ads shown to your target audience along with the quantitative click numbers with a couple of clicks. 

How to set up a Google Ads report in Swydo?

Follow these simple steps to create your first Google Ads report or dashboard: We have a pre-built template to get you moving. Check out the steps below 👇

Step 1: Connect your Google Ads account 

Connect your Google Ads account to Swydo. From there on, follow the steps to set up your Google Ads data source. New to Swydo? Sign up for your free trial account.

Step 2: Select a pre-built Google Ads template 

Once you’re connected, you can select a pre-built Google Ads template from our template gallery and your report will populate automatically. Or you can create your own report and dashboard from scratch with our default widgets or a custom metrics to suit your needs.

Step 3: Make it your own 

Add your own brand colors and logos and strengthen your brand visibility. Swydo’s customization features allow you to tailor your report the way you want – give it your brand’s signature look with brand templates and white-label features. 

Step 4: Share your work! 

Forgot to attach that PDF again? Put your reports on automatic scheduling. You can also share your reports as online dashboards using your own custom url and flaunt your brand. Of course, there is also always an option to share them as PDFs too.

Once you’ve connected your Google Ads account to Swydo, you can include in your reports and dashboards Google Ads campaign and audience metrics with data from 30+ other marketing channels. Check out the full list of integrations here! 

Get in touch

Setting up your Google Ads reports or dashboards is easy with Swydo. However, our experts are here if you prefer having extra hands. Schedule a walkthrough and we will answer all your questions and show you how to leverage our reporting and monitoring platform. Prefer doing it on your own? Visit our help center, check out the video tutorials, contact us through our live chat, or email