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New Adwords widgets in Swydo

17 May 2013

Today we released several new and improved Adwords widgets in Swydo.

We received some great feedback from our daily growing user community at and created these new widgets based on that input. Thank you for that! You can use 3 new widgets in the project dashboards and in the reports.

Widget 1: Overall Device performance: break down metrics by device. In these enhanced campaigns transition times we thought this would be a handy widget 🙂 .

Widget 2: Overall Click Type performance: break down metrics by Click Type: headline, sitelinks and Mobile clicks-to-call.

Widget 3: Conversion tracking details: you can display the native Adwords conversions in this widget . Important to know is that imported analytics goals are not yet supported. We are investigating that possibility. Deleted conversion types are included in the widget when there has been a conversion in the selected time frame.

Furthermore we renamed the Performance Widget to Overall Performance. Next to that we added the average position in the widgets Overall Performance, Ads, Keywords, Campaigns and Ad groups. Except for the Overall performance and Campaigns widgets we took out the through view conversions.Please enjoy these new widgets in your Swydo and start using them today!

Kind regards,

The Swydo team
Jeroen(psssss, for those scrolling all the way down here….. would you like this in the nearby future?