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New and Customizable Adwords widgets and KPI’s

15 July 2013

You can now include conversion data optionally in the Adwords widgets .

If you do not have conversion tracking up and running, you had some empty columns in your report widgets. While we are an advocate of conversion tracking we made the option for you to leave out the conversion and conversion related columns in the widgets.

New widgets and new KPI’s:

We have some new widgets and KPI’s to include in your reports.

– ROAS: Return on Ad Spend (conversion value / ad spend). Show and monitor the Return of your campaigns.

– Search Queries. See the search queries and matching keywords.

– Impression share broken down in different widgets.

Check out these new and customizable widgets in your Swydo .

If you want to use these new settings and widgets in your already scheduled reports, just change the Upcoming Reports and you’ll be fine.

We are thrilled with these new features and are enthusiastic in making another step in ” making life easier for online marketers” with easy reporting and workflow .

Next Thursday 10:00AM EDT , 16:00PM Amsterdam, 15:00PM Londen there’s aWebinar “Intro to Swydo: learn how to make reports, schedule reports, connect to API’s and more”. It’s a Google Hangout On air, so we have room for 9 participants and unlimited viewers. Next week we will organize a similar webinar with more suitable times for Sydney and San Francisco, to be announced.