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Features, Swydo

The new text editor

23 July 2016

We are excited to announce that a new version of the Text Editor has been launched; allowing you to customize your report way more than ever before. Now you have more possibilities to create professional looking reports  for your clients. With this new version of the text editor, no surprise here, you can customize text, add images and even add custom tables.

Swydo’s text editor had basic functions.You could use the “Bold” the “Italic” and the Screen Shot old text editor “underline”options. The options of adding a Numbered or Bulleted list and changing the text color were only available if you had a Brand Template on the report. It was not possible to re-size or re-align the images.

Color, size, images and links

Now, besides the existing options from the previous editor, you can easily

  •         Add colors in the text
  •         Copy-paste images in a report
  •         Change the font size
  •         Align your paragraphs and images
  •         Add quotes
  •         Insert web links and image links into the report.

Swydo new text editor

Custom tables

Yes! You asked for it, and now you have it, custom tables. Easily add custom tables into the text editor or copy-paste existing tables from Google Sheets into the widget.

The table below is a custom table made inside the Text Editor 2.0. The table was designed with the same style as the rest of the widgets so it can blend into the report. It is capable of having ten rows and columns and they can be easily added or split if you need more space. The new text editor allows you to easily add color to the cells & text and select the size you want for your font.

Table new text editor, Swydo

Below is a little video showing you some of the features of the new text editor:

Video new text editor Swydo

With a whole lot of possibilities and customization options, our new text editor will make your reports more comprehensive & presentable. We hope you will enjoy the benefits of the new and revised text editor, and that it will help you accomplish your goals.

Have anything in mind? We welcome you to share your feelings or thoughts without holding back. We are very responsive to feedback and always appreciate it because your feedback will help us to improve Swydo.