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Swydo Product Development Earns Awards Committee Recognition

16 November 2017

New integrations, enhanced automation and custom reporting features rolled out have helped Swydo gain the recognition from three award committees in 2017. Our team was thrilled to be shortlisted for the European Search Awards back in the spring, and most recently for the UK and Dutch Search Awards.

What’s driving this recognition? We think it’s our focus on customer feedback and incorporating those ideas into new integrations and features to improve the platform.

In 2017, we introduced a number of enhanced features focusing on three key areas – cross channel measurement, accurate attribution and data management. The improvements made to our SDK will provide greater flexibility in choosing KPIs and metrics to enhance campaign reporting and cross channel reporting. Swydo customers can now customize data reports to a greater degree and impart better insights to their clients.

New And Enhanced Integrations In 2017

Swydo rolled out a number of new integrations this year, and increased reporting flexibility to existing integrations:

2017 may be winding down, but plans to upgrade our reporting tool and expand our offerings are only heating up. Users can expect the migration of the rest of Swydo’s integrations to our new platform, new channel integrations including LinkedIn and refinements to reporting features including comparisons within tables and client dashboards.

Swydo enables digital marketing agencies and in-house marketers to monitor multi channel marketing campaigns, identify attribution and automate reporting – with the endgame to maximize campaign and website ROI through smart, insightful reporting. We’re hopeful to continue to earn future recognition from various award panels – but more importantly earn the continued support of our customers.