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Swydo Dashboards: Take control over your KPI’s

13 February 2014

Swydo Projects Overview

Today the Swydo team introduced a whole new layout of clients and projects Dashboards. It is now possible to directly see the status of your Project, the situation in Online Marketing for your client and where you should take action.

This blogpost is to explain on how to set this up.

Step 1 : Create a Client

Well, we all created clients in Swydo. Check out the screenshot below:
Create a Client

Step 2 – Create a Project

The SportsShoes client has an AdWords subscription in which we agreed on the following:

  • We will work at least 16 hours a month on the AdWords campaign
  • CTR should be at least 4%
  • Total cost of the AdWords clicks should not exceed € 5000,-

So, we create the project:

Step 3 – Define the KPI’s

In the project we define the agreed details as KPI’s.
Click on the “Add a KPI” button and select the “Google AdWords Group”:

Add a KPI

We want to have a KPI on the cost. Click on the cost and select the AdWords account for the client. Next popup asks the network type, we select “Search and display” here.
And our KPI is shown:

Swydo KPI - Cost

Step 4 – Setting KPI Target

Swydo KPI Target
A popup shows and there you can enter the target of this KPI:
Swydo KPI - Setting the Target

Set the target by clicking on “Set Target” … and the KPI is shown in the project:

Swydo KPI - in the project with the target

Let me explain something about what you see now:

  • We have entered a target of € 5000,- in 30 days.
  • The date-range is set to Feb-01 – Feb-13.
  • That means that in 13 days the cost should be € 2167 (the small grey number at the top right of the KPI). Since we’re above that, we’re on target. (You could argue that the metric cost should not have a target “Greater than” but “Equal to” or even “Less than”, please do so in the comments 🙂 )

More KPI’s

According to our agreement with the customer we have two more KPI’s. They are added and the whole picture looks like below:

Swydo - All KPI's in the project

(Yes, CTR is quite bad…)

Step 5 – Project Overview

When we click on the “Projects” option in the left hand menu, we see all projects. Also our “SportsShoes” project:

Swydo - Project Overview

Hovering over the project shows a red border. This means that one of the KPI’s is in the red. (Yes, I know, the CTR is bad)

Since this is one of the projects we will be working on quote frequently, especially because of the very bad CTR, I want to have this at the top of my screen.
There I can “Favorite” the project. click on the star left of the project name.

Swydo - project-overview - favorite

Project Badges

Not only does it turn yellow, but also it creates a project-badge at the top of the screen:

Swydo - Project Badge

Step 6 – Imagine

Imagine all your favorite projects at the top of the screen. All those bullets, red, green, orange. And you only need to go to the projects which have red bullets. The rest is going ok and don’t need any attention.

It’s management by exception for online marketing.


Step 7, 8, 9, 10 – Your feedback is needed

Please, let us know what you think about this new functionality. Are you going to use this? What would you like to see more in Swydo Dashboards and Swydo Monitoring?
We’re here to help.

All the other steps in your life:

Have fun!!