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10 improvements that made it to our Adwords wish-list for international advertisers

24 March 2014

The Google Adwords interface and it’s features have evolved to a full fledged bid management interface with many settings and options, but you can alway’s wish for more. For the Rockstar PPC professional enough is never enough.

In our Swydo clientele we have a lot of high demanding agencies and professionals that not only explore every corner of Swydo, but surely also from the Adwords interface. As Swydo is an international Adwords advertiser itself and with input of our Agency clients from all over the world, we drafted this top 10 Adwords wish-list for international advertisers.

Our top 10:

  1. Location based Call extensions. The call extensions cannot be targeted to a specific region within one campaign. When you have set up a Global campaign in English (let’s say for a reporting and workflow tool for online marketers that is marketed worldwide 🙂 ) and you target English speaking countries, there is not really a need to set up different campaigns for every country. Nonetheless you have to do that when you have different phone numbers for different countries.


  2. Day parting by user locations. The day parting settings have one ‘base’ location based on the campaign settings. It would be very helpful if you could set up day parting that ‘traveled with you’ during the spinning of the globe.


  3. A language tag for Ads. Imagine that you set up one campaign for multiple countries, with mostly English keywords, but want to show ads in the local language. With Language tags for ads you could specify the language of the add and these will be shown to the appropriate audience. This will be a huge time saver, since you would not have to set up multiple campaigns.
  4. Language and geo targeting at Ad group level.This is a no brainer , right?


  5. Language as a Display targeting setting instead of a campaign setting. Why can you target the audience based on interests, remarketing list, gender, age etc. in the Display targeting,  but not their location or language?


  6. Competitive metrics per Region
    I’m not really interested what my impression share globally is or who my competitors globally are. I want to know who they are in the UK or in the US.


  7. Exclude locations (or DO anything) from the dimensions tab. Wouldn’t is be handy when you could go through the dimensions tab and exclude the non converting locations? Why can we only do that for the search terms (and can this not be done in the dimensions tab?).
  8. Review extensions in other languages.
  9. Language parameter or other variable to drive user to the right language. With tools like VWO or Optimizely you can detect the location of the visitor and show the right language. Google knows the location too, why not share this info so we can drive the visitor to the right language in our sites??language=english
  10. Better international support for Shopping campaigns. Shopping campaigns are even more strict. You cannot change a target country any more, if you use Google shopping in Italy, your ads and pages must be Italian. 
What’s on your list?