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Pingdom integration in Swydo

15 December 2014

Pingdom integration in Swydo


With Pingdom’s website monitoring tool you’ll be the first to know when a website is down, and you’ll stay on top of a website’s performance.

With Pingdom you can perform Real User Monitoring, make test transactions and a number of other cool things to test websites.

Pingdom is a valuable tool for Online Marketers.
Check out

Pingdom in Swydo?

Yes, Pingdom is available in Swydo. Check out some widgets and KPIs you can have in your reports:

Yes!! I want Pingdom in my Swydo

The Pingdom integration is still in Beta+ stage, we are carefully monitoring the limits on the Pingdom API and the load on the connections.
If you want Pingdom in Swydo, please send us an email,
and if you’re fast enough to be one of the first 50, we whitelist your account. In a couple of weeks we will make the Pingdom integration gradually available for everyone.Send your request to and start using Pingdom in Swydo.