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Swydo Product Updates That Will Help You Succeed In 2021

17 March 2021

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create the very best reports and dashboards that successfully communicate results, help make data-driven decisions and shows your impact to clients and stakeholders. With that in mind, here’s a reminder of what was introduced or improved last year from the Swydo development team.  

New/Enhanced Integrations 

2020 saw the addition of several new data source integrations to help increase the value you bring to your clients through more comprehensive reporting.

  • Google Sheets. Incorporate any third party data in a csv file into Swydo reports and dashboards. You can also combine data from two different sources into a brand new metric within Google Sheets and import into Swydo. 
  • AccuRanker. Report upon keyword ranking analytics along with Google Analytics, Pagespeed and more for comprehensive SEO reports.
  • AdRoll. Integrate retargeting campaign data with other paid search, social, SEO and email marketing efforts for comprehensive reporting.
  • Google Analytics 4. Website properties that leverage Google’s next generation of analytics can incorporate that data into the Swydo reports and dashboards.
  • HubSpot. Combine HubSpot marketing data with other third party channels for a closed loop view of marketing campaign performance.

We are excited to be rolling out Snapchat Ads and Search Ads 360 by early Q2 to save you time and will further expand your reporting capabilities! Snapchat Ads is already in our beta phase with active testing taking place right now. And an integration for Google’s Search Ads 360 platform is in the works. Want to be among the first to try new features and integrations like these? Join our beta program!

New Customization Options

These new customization capabilities were developed in order to boost your reporting capabilities so you can share more impactful insights to your clients, while improving communication and building trust. 

  • Custom integration. Create your own data source integration with any third-party source within your Swydo environment. For example, you can connect your CRM or another internal system to create your own ecosystem for improved reporting and decision making, or create a connection with a marketing data source that Swydo doesn’t currently offer for greater flexibility and control over reporting.
  • Custom domain. Use your company’s website domain for sharing dashboards, reports and emails sent via Swydo, allowing you to strengthen your brand and the trust you’ve built with clients. 
  • Custom metrics. Combine two metrics to calculate an entirely new metric. For example, add your agency fee to a client’s Google ad spend to calculate the total cost to the client. 

New Visualizations And Features

We continue to look for ways to improve your user experience and to provide you with more control over the reporting data you present with these features launched in 2020.

  • Geo bubble map allows you to visualize data geographically on a map, and use Swydo’s filtering capabilities to zoom into a specific area.
  • Heatmaps and treemap visualization options. Heatmaps make it easy to visualize the most popular (hot) and less popular (cold) values in a data set. Treemaps help to visualize how segments in data compare to each other.

If you have questions about any of the integrations or features above, please check out our help documents for additional assistance, or reach out to our support team

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Our top priority is improving Swydo to help you do your job more effectively and efficiently, allowing you to focus on increasing current client revenue and retention, as well as driving new business. Remember to check out the blog and monthly newsletter to stay on top of new developments as they are introduced. Here’s to a successful 2021!

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