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From Excel to Excellence: Understand Automated Reporting Tool Pricing

By Aarti Bhanushali
6 September 2023

Hey folks, if you’re knee-deep in the marketing game, you know the data struggle is real. Making heads or tails of it can feel like navigating a maze blindfolded.

But guess what? We’ve evolved past the Excel era and manual madness. Welcome to 2023, where we’ve got better tools up our sleeves. Have you ever wondered how much is too much for an automated reporting tool?

We’re here to share all the info you need to pick the right automated reporting tool for your agency. With our guidance, you can confidently choose affordable software to help your business grow. So let’s get started.

Why Automation Is Becoming a Necessity in Marketing

Report automation simplifies the process by eliminating manual data collection, report creation, and distribution, thus saving time-strapped marketers hours and reducing errors.

Automated reporting tools can collect data from multiple sources, including social media platforms, website analytics, and CRM systems. This data is collected from all your data sources into one report (or dashboard) – it is, therefore, easy to analyze and identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for optimization.

Understanding how AI technology will continue to shape the reporting automation process is crucial. This has transformed the way customers interact with businesses and increased productivity in both B2B and B2C sectors. AI has already made a significant impact on marketing and sales, and it will continue to do so.

The Price of Convenience: Time Saved Versus Tool Cost

In the world of productivity, time equates to currency, especially in tasks like manual reporting.

Let’s take the example of Joe, a digital marketing strategist who spends 7 hours each week creating reports in Excel. Joe’s hourly rate is $35, making his weekly expense for report creation $245. When calculating his monthly expenses, considering an approximate 4-week month, Joe’s monthly cost adds up to $980.

However, this estimate is cautious, supposing Joe only dedicates 7 hours weekly to reporting. Depending on his workload and role, this number could rise significantly.

When we extend this monthly saving over the course of a year, it becomes evident that the company would save over $11,700 a year by automating the report creation process for Joe. This is a substantial amount of money and efficiency gained by making a smart tool choice.

You can calculate and extend this cost across every marketer in your team. Essentially, the equation remains transparent: While Joe’s reporting responsibilities won’t disappear completely, using automated reporting software could markedly reduce the time he spends on such work and reallocate those hours to strategic tasks.

Though these automated reporting tools come with a price, averaging between $100 to $2,000 per month, they yield substantial returns.

So, beyond finances, automated tools unlock strategic possibilities. Employees, once overwhelmed with reports, can now concentrate on client relationships, strategic planning, and activities that generate revenue.

Automated Google Ads Reporting with Swydo

Breaking Down the Costs: What Goes into Pricing?

When evaluating the expenses associated with automated reporting tools, it is important to consider several key factors that impact their overall cost. Let’s look at some of them:

Software Development and Maintenance

For a founder of a digital marketing agency with 200+ clients considering an automated reporting platform for his team, developing and maintaining reporting software in-house can be a costly endeavor. Software development costs include research, design, coding, testing, and deployment. Additionally, ongoing maintenance is required to keep the software up-to-date, fix bugs, and ensure compatibility with new operating systems and devices.

Opting for an automated reporting platform over the tedious task of developing and managing an in-house one presents significant advantages.

Advanced Features: Integrations, Real-Time Data, Automated Scheduling

When considering an automated reporting tool, determine your end marketing goal. Are you using it for in-house reporting to internal stakeholders or for client reporting? Reporting tools with advanced features, such as AI-driven insights, integrations with other software, and real-time data, come at a higher cost.

Factors Influencing the Price Tag

Tool Versatility: From Basic Dashboards to Comprehensive Platforms

Reporting tools vary in their versatility, from basic dashboards that provide a snapshot of a business’s performance to comprehensive reporting platforms that offer a deep dive into data and monitoring — the more versatile the tool, the higher the cost.

Automated Reporting and Monitoring With Swydo
Keep track of your client’s KPIs easily with a single, comprehensive dashboard with Swydo at 49$ a month

Integration Capabilities: Standalone Tool Versus All-in-One Solution

You don’t need fancy SEO integrations that you will never use but must pay for. Reporting tools that integrate with other software, such as CRM systems or multiple SEO platforms, tend to come at a higher cost. However, an all-in-one solution that integrates with all your go-to marketing channels (Think Google Ads and Analytics, PPC platforms, and Email Marketing) can be more cost-effective in the long run.

Scalability: Catering to Startups and Global Enterprises Alike

Micro-agencies or big in-house brands, your reporting tool must scale with you. Reporting tools that can scale to meet the needs of both startups and global enterprises don’t necessarily have to come at a high cost. An automated reporting tool shouldn’t take up much of your marketing budget unless your business requires specific API integrations and modifications.

Customer Support: The Hidden Value in Your Subscription

When it comes to the cost of reporting tools, customer support is often disregarded. However, it plays a critical role in a business’s ability to utilize the tool effectively. Personalized onboarding and report setups, expert video calls when you need help, and support availability are all essential elements. And they don’t necessarily have to come with a premium price tag.

Free vs. Paid: Is There a Catch?

While free reporting tools may seem attractive, they often come with limitations. Free tools like Looker Studio may offer limited features, poor customization options, and limited integrations, or have hidden costs. Investing in paid reporting tools may require some initial expenditure, but the benefits they offer in terms of advanced features, personalized customization, and top-notch customer support are definitely worth the investment.

We have emphasized the importance of using an automated reporting tool and the price that comes with it. Now, let’s look at some practical examples of how an automated reporting and monitoring tool like Swydo has benefited digital marketing agencies, big and small, across the globe.

Swydo vs Others Comparison Table

Case Study Snapshots: Real-World Budget Breakdowns

Small Businesses: Finding Value in Affordable Solutions

If you’re a micro-agency owner looking to take your reporting strategy to the next level, PPC expert Kirk Williams has some tips for you. He uses Swydo as his go-to reporting platform for ZATO Marketing. Their approach to paid search management requires them to really dig into the details, have a handle on all accounts, and take swift action to identify and rectify issues while maximizing opportunities. They wanted to spend their time nurturing and growing their client accounts, not reporting, and here’s how they used Swydo to enhance their reporting capabilities.

Kirk Williams with Swydo

Mid-Sized Companies: Balancing Costs and Needs

As a mid-sized company, finding reporting tools that meet your unique needs can be tough. But, with advanced features and customization options, these tools might just be the key to optimizing your business strategies and achieving your goals. One leading digital marketing agency that found the perfect fit with Swydo is the UK’s AccuraCast. With Swydo’s help and prompt customer customer, they were able to scale their business internationally and take things to the next level.

AccuraCast with Swydo

Enterprises: Why Premium Solutions Make Business Sense

Enterprises with complex reporting needs should focus on easy and simple duplication of reports, plenty of default widgets that can save time, customization options for branding and logos, and excellent customer support that won’t charge a premium. Big Wave Marketing’s Paid Media department doubled in team size from 2017 to 2019 due to streamlined internal processes and increased productivity. Having Swydo set up meant they had more time to grow our clients’ businesses and focus on performance rather than writing weekly manual summaries by hand.

BigWave Marketing with Swydo

Tips to Determine Your Reporting Tool Budget

Assessing Your Companys Unique Needs

To determine your automated reporting tool budget, it’s essential to assess your agency’s unique needs. Consider the marketing data sources you need to integrate, the types of reports you need to generate, and the level of customization you require.

The Importance of a Trial Period: Test Before You Invest

Many reporting tools offer a trial period, allowing businesses to test the tool before investing. Take advantage of this trial period to ensure the tool meets your needs and provides value to your business.

Discover Swydo’s capabilities with a demo or free trial. Create simple and informative marketing reports in minutes.

Speaking with Peers: Word-of-Mouth Recommendations and Warnings

Speak with peers in your industry to get their recommendations and warnings about reporting tools. They may have experience with tools that can provide valuable insights into what will work for your business. Check G2 and Capterra for price comparisons.

Benefits of Investing In The Right Tools

Faster Decision-Making with Real-Time Data

Automated reporting tools with real-time data enable businesses to make faster, data-driven decisions. This can lead to a competitive advantage as businesses can respond quickly to changes in the market and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Enhanced Customization: Reports That Speak to You

Premium reporting tools offer enhanced customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their reports to their specific needs and branding guidelines. Think logos, colors, and white-labelling options. This can help agencies stand out from the crowd.

Saving Man-Hours: Let the Tool Do the Grunt Work

Automated reporting tools can save businesses significant time and resources by automating manual reporting tasks. This allows employees to focus on higher-value activities, improving productivity, and efficiency.

Set up and Forget: Automated Distribution and Scheduling

Bid farewell to the toil of monthly, or even weekly, report creation. Once you’ve configured a report, the automation feature empowers you to conveniently schedule and dispatch the report at the desired frequency, completely eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Wrapping Up: Making a Wise Investment

In essence, these tools aren’t just about software; they’re investments in time and productivity. The cost of the tool must be weighed against the time saved and the opportunity cost of having employees perform manual reporting tasks.

Remember to take advantage of trial periods and speak with peers to ensure you find the right tool for your needs.

Curious to see what Swydo can do for you? Request a demo or sign up for a free trial and create a free marketing report in minutes.