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Streamline Client Onboarding & Reporting With Swydo API Integration

26 April 2019

Managing a large number of clients effectively and efficiently is key to your agency’s health and growth. You can’t afford to spend time on manual processes that could be automated when you should be focused on generating stellar ROI for your clients and building your customer base.

Swydo’s powerful API integration provides you the opportunity to centralize and automate processes, allow you spend more time acquiring new clients, optimizing campaigns and engaging with your current clients.

Introducing Swydo’s API Integration

Swydo automatically integrates marketing data from multiple platforms including Google Ads, Facebook and more into one comprehensive report and visualizes your data intuitively, helping you tell its story, show your impact, and provide actionable insights.

Our RESTful API takes efficiency and productivity a step further by enabling you to connect with your CRM platform and handle Swydo reporting tasks directly to help you:

  • add and manage large numbers of clients and contacts
  • select report templates and schedule reports
  • connect to selected data sources directly from your CRM
  • create automated client setup processes to improve client onboarding

Manage Clients From Your Own CRM Platform

Integrating Swydo with your CRM platform allows you to centralizing client management. For instance, if you have a client with a particular reporting service, but they opt to upgrade to the more in-depth service, you can make that change to their service in their CRM record which will sync with Swydo – and eliminate the need to make the update in more than one interface.

Select Templates & Schedule Reports

Our API enables you to select templates, schedule and run reports all from your CRM, simplifying your operational activities. In the previous example of a change in a client’s reporting service, you can also proactively change the reports to be received and schedule them without the need to go through Swydo. By handling all at once, you’ve ensured that something doesn’t get forgotten in the process. Plus you save staff time without the need to train everyone on the Swydo platform.

Connect To Selected Data Sources Directly

The Swydo API also allows you to connect to several marketing data sources directly within your CRM system. This saves you the extra step of logging into the Swydo interface to make these connections. The connections currently available with API are Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad and Insights. Need another data source connection? Contact us and we can help you customize your API integration.

Expedite New Client Onboarding

It’s exciting when you sign on a new client, but before you can impress them with your digital marketing savviness, you need to take care of onboarding operations. The Swydo API allows you to have a client’s reporting almost fully set up by simply creating their account in your own CRM system.

Set triggers to automatically generate a new client in Swydo, and also select the appropriate report template and report schedule at the same time. All that’s left to do in Swydo is make any data source connections not accessible from CRM, and you are ready to start building campaigns, driving conversions and reporting on performance. Automation also helps eliminate any human errors that can slip into the process, and the client data is now synced between your CRM and Swydo.

Next Steps – Connecting Swydo And Your CRM System

  1. Create your API token on your Team Settings page. New to Swydo? You’ll need to create your account first.
  2. Provide your developers with the API token and reference documentation to begin setup.
  3. Feel free to contact our support team with any questions or assistance!

Streamline your client onboarding and management to save time, simplify processes and improve efficiencies through your CRM interface – with new functionality and enhancements to be rolled out in the coming months.

We can also help you customize the API to serve your needs. Contact us to learn how Swydo’s API integration can help your organization!