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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads report integration

By Team Swydo
27 December 2022

Easily automate your LinkedIn Ads reporting

Import your LinkedIn advertising data into Swydo and create automated reports combining LinkedIn Ads campaign performance with marketing data from over 30+ platforms including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more!

What is LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional online social network with over 850 million active users. It offers B2B marketers an amazing opportunity to reach those millions of professionals through targeted ads by company-related and job-related attributes.

Incorporate LinkedIn Ads data into one comprehensive marketing report

Use Swydo’s LinkedIn Ads reporting tool to effortlessly track performance, set goals and monitor KPIs to help your clients gain insights into campaign performance and ROI. It is easy to customize and automate your Swydo LinkedIn Ads reports and dashboards to incorporate all your marketing data across social media, PPC, SEO, email and content marketing.

Over 200 LinkedIn Ads metrics available in Swydo 

Once you connect a LinkedIn Ads account with Swydo, you’ll have access to over 200 metrics to include and visualize in your LinkedIn Ads performance reports and dashboards. Swydo’s LinkedIn Ads integration provides metrics in three categories – Ad Analytics, Campaigns and Follower Stats. Some key metrics from Ad Analytics include: 

  • Ad performance
  • Campaign performance
  • Clicks
  • Comments
  • Company page clicks
  • Conversion value
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost
  • Landing page clicks
  • Likes

Looking to report on metrics that are specific to your organization or clients? Create your own custom metrics and KPIs for next level reports that deliver actionable insights to optimize campaign performance and maximize marketing ROI. 

Save time with Pre-built metrics and report templates

All Swydo integrations incorporate default widgets and KPIs to make report creation easy and quick. Leverage our pre-built LinkedIn Ads template, or build your own template you can re-use across clients and campaigns. You’ll increase productivity, saving you time to focus on optimizing campaigns and growing your business.

How to set up your LinkedIn Ads report in Swydo

Follow these simple steps to create your first LinkedIn Ads report or dashboard:

Step 1: Connect your LinkedIn Ads data sourc

Follow the easy steps to connect your LinkedIn Ads data to your Swydo account. New to Swydo? Sign up for a free trial account

Step 2: Select the pre-built LinkedIn Ads template 

Once you’re connected, you can select a pre-built LinkedIn Ads template from our template gallery and your report will populate your data automatically. Or create your own report and dashboard from scratch with our widgets or build custom metrics to suit your needs.

Step 3: Customize

Make your LinkedIn Ads report your own! Add your own brand colors and logo and strengthen your brand visibility. Swydo’s customization features allow you to tailor your report the way you want – give it your brand’s signature look with brand templates and white label features. 

Step 4: Share your report!
Put your reports on automatic scheduling and never miss another reporting deadline. You can share your reports as online dashboards using your own custom url and flaunt your brand. Of course, there is also an option to share them as PDFs too.

Get more information on how to connect your LinkedIn Ads account. It only takes a few steps to combine your LinkedIn Ads metrics with data from 30+ other marketing channels into one comprehensive report or dashboard. Check out the full list of integrations! 

Get in touch

Setting up your first LinkedIn Ads report with Swydo is easy, but we are happy to help out as needed. Schedule a walkthrough and we’ll help and show you how to get the most value out of the platform. Prefer doing it on your own? Visit our help center, check out our video tutorials, contact us through our live chat, or email Not yet a Swydo customer? Learn more about the integration, then take advantage of our free trial and find out how Swydo keeps reporting simple. Our customers agree!