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PPC reporting, SEM, Spinning the plates

‘Spinning the plates’: episode 2: Bloc Marketing

25 November 2013

‘Spinning the plates’ series is about Online marketing agencies and departments that have their reporting and workflow well organized with Swydo. They ‘spin their plates’ and make sure their clients are happy, they report frequently and thoroughly and have a well organized workflow.

This second episode is about an Agency with its headquarter in Cardiff, United Kingdom.  We speak with Kelly Norris, Marketing Manager for Bloc Marketing

Bloc Marketing in 50 words?

Bloc offers a leading-edge marketing service that focuses on drawing together key elements to provide a fully integrated approach. “Bloc” means the bringing together of things for a particular purpose – and that’s exactly how we approach marketing. We bring together the blocks of an effective marketing strategy, engaging with both traditional and digital routes to market, running full campaigns through from inception to finish.

What services do you deliver?

Bloc Marketing offers a wide range of services including

– Strategic Marketing services
– Social Media
– Website Design
– Website Optimisation, including Google Analytics set-up and optimisation, usability testing and conversion optimisation
– Product Feed Management
– Email marketing
– Online PR
– Copywriting
– Creative Design
– Brand Development

What challenges are you facing in day to day operations?

– Recording time accurately
– Ensuring the team are following the correct order of priorities
– Keeping a central workflow
– Keeping track of incoming work and work due
– Simplified team communications
– Project management overall in a constantly shifting environment

What tools did you use for reporting and workflow before you discovered Swydo? Did you make inhouse tools or did you use other tools? – very basic, and mainly lacked in reporting capabilities, meaning that apart from time tracking everything had to be done manually.

“We can now provide our customers with engaging and interesting reports, where we have always struggled to do so before – particularly in the PPC arena”


What are the best features Swydo has to your opinion?

The reporting features in Swydo makes life incredibly easy – instead of spending hours creating reports for customers, we can now streamline this process which improves the quality of the reports that we are able to provide customers with, as well as minimising the time it takes us to complete this task.

The built-in Bing and Google widgets also makes PPC reporting much more effective and easier to manage.

How is Swydo helping you succeed? 

We can now provide our customers with engaging and interesting reports, where we have always struggled to do so before – particularly in the PPC arena. Our client communication is up through providing these reports; we’re consistently able to prove the value of the work which we are doing; and as a result our customers are more engaged with our brand.

We thank Kelly for her story and wish Bloc Marketing lots of success!